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Host Engineering is celebrating 30 years of service as a valued technology resource in the Automationdirect Federation of automation suppliers. We here at Host Engineering develop products that cover the control and communications sectors of the automation world.

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Host Engineering and Automationdirect.com are proud to welcome the BRX line of CPUs to the Do-more family and the companion programming software Do-more Designer. The BRX line of "expandable bricks" (BX-DM1x-10, BX-DM1x-18, BX-DM1x-36, BX-DM1x-M) are available in 4 different sizes of on-board discrete and analog I/O, that can be expanded with additional discrete, analog, serial, temperature, and high-speed I/O modules.

The H2-DM1 (with onboard USB and Serial ports) and the H2-DM1E (with onboard USB, Serial, and Ethernet ports) are for use in the DL205 Series. This combination of Do-more H2 Series CPUs and the existing line of AutomationDirect 205 series I/O modules and base units creates an incredibly powerful micro modular PLC at a fraction of the cost of comparable PLCs and PACs.

The T1H-DM1 (with onboard USB and Serial ports) and T1H-DM1E (with onboard USB, Serial, and Ethernet ports) CPUs are the first CPUs for the Terminator I/O family. These CPUs have the same level functionality as their DL205 Series counterparts. Support for these two CPUs is include in Do-more Designer.

Head to www.Do-more.com for all the information about this new line of CPUs and download your free copy of Do-more Designer.


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Latest Versions

Do-more Designer v2.9.4
DirectSOFT v6.3
New! - BX-DM1x -10, -18, -36, -M v2.9.9
New! - H2-DM1x v2.9.9
New! - T1H-DM1x v2.9.9
BX-P-ECOMLT v4.0.153
H0-ECOM100 v4.1.113
H0-ECOM100 v5.0.1.170 (H/W Rev 9 & 11)
H2-ECOM100 v4.0.2148
H2-ECOM100 v5.0.1051 (H/W Rev 8 & 10)
H4-ECOM100 v4.0.2148
H2-ERM100 v4.0.118
H2-ERM100 v7.0.100
7 (H/W Rev 8 & 10)
H4-ERM100 v4.0.118
BX-DMIO v4.2.134
BX-EBC100 v4.2.134
BX-MBIO v4.2.134

H2-EBC100 v4.0.614

H2-EBC100 v5.0.1023 (H/W Rev 8)
H2-EBC100 v5.0.1019 (H/W Rev 6)

T1H-EBC100 v4.0.1441

GS-EDRV100 v6.0.9
GS-EDRV100 v7.0.119 (H/W Rev 7)
New! - MB-Gateway v1.0.689
New! - MB-Gateway v7.0.66 (H/W Rev 7)
H0-CTRIO2 v1.0.5
H2-CTRIO2 v1.0.5

H0-CTRIO v2.1.24
H2-CTRIO v2.1.24
H4-CTRIO v2.1.24
T1H-CTRIO v2.1.24
CTRIO Workbench v2.2.1
New! - NetEdit v3.17j
New! - ERM Workbench v2.4
DNLoader v1.5

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