T1H-DM1, T1H-DM1E Updated: 02/21/2022
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The Do-more Terminator I/O micro-modular CPUs are "superchargers" for the time-tested Terminator I/O hardware. We started with a blank slate and included many features our customers have been asking for. It's superfast, has lots of memory, embedded Ethernet - we know, we're pretty excited ourselves!

Both CPUs Offer:

Over 1Mb total memory.
Program/monitor/debug over any embedded communication port.
Project documentation is stored in the PLC.
Supports serial port connections to bar code readers, ASCII devices, printers, etc.

The local Terminator I/O Base can support up to 16 I/O modules, including Terminator I/Os high density analog modules. With up to 16 channels per module, the local base can support up to 256 Analog points. The T1H-DM1E's built-in Ethernet I/O Master function to use any mix of up to 16 T1H-EBC100, H2-EBC100, or GS-EDRV100 devices as Ethernet I/O Slaves, to gain up to 4,000 I/O points.

NOTE: Do-more CPUs can only be programmed with the new Do-more Designer software. DirectSOFT, and ladder programs developed with DirectSOFT, are not compatible with these new CPUs

2000 PID Loops with Auto-tuning

The Do-more H2 CPUs can process up to 2000 PID loops directly in the CPU. You can select from various control modes including automatic, manual, and cascade control. There are also a wide variety of alarms including Process Variable, Rate of Change, and Deviation. The loop operation parameters (Process Variable, Setpoint, Limits, etc.) are easily accessed from operator interfaces or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Setup is accomplished with easy-to-use setup menus and monitoring views in the Do-more Designer PLC programming software. The auto tuning feature is easy to use and can reduce setup and maintenance time. The CPU uses the auto tuning feature to automatically determine near optimum loop settings.

Optimized Instruction Set

The Do-More instruction set was developed by listening to our customers' needs and requests, with flexibility and ease of use as our goals. Download the free Do-more Designer programming software today and take a look at these powerful and easy-to-use instructions.

True Bumpless Run-time Editing

Do-more Designer can download a new version of your code into the Do-more CPU and seamlessly switch to it at the beginning of the very next scan. There is no need for any pause (however brief) that can wreak havoc on the operation of your machine or process.

  T1H-DM1 T1H-DM1E
Interface Ports 1 USB (USB-B) on Front Panel
1 Serial (RJ-12, RS232C) on Bottom Panel
1 USB (USB-B) on Front Panel
1 Serial (RJ-12, RS232C) on Bottom Panel
1 Ethernet (RJ-45, 10/100Base-T) on Bottom Panel
Operating Temperature 0 60 C (32 140 F)
5% to 95% humidity (non-condensing)

no corrosive gases, pollution level=2

Vibration: MIL STD 810C 514.2
Shock: MIL STD 810C 516.2
Storage Temperature -20 C 70 C  (-4 F 158 F)
Power Consumption 250mA @ 5vdc 275mA @ 5vdc
MTBF (hours)
32200 29500
Manufacturer Host Automation Products, LLC
The Terminator I/O series Do-more PLC Hardware User manual covers the Do-more CPUs, bases, discrete I/O, analog I/O and intelligent modules. This manual is available for Free Download online or order hard copy separately at Automationdirect.com.



We have also made the PowerPoint slides that we use in our technical support training class available for those who want to see them. Follow this link to the slideshow.

You will need a PowerPoint Viewer to run the slideshow, you can download a free one from Microsoft here.



Acquiring and applying firmware updates for any of the Do-more PLCs is managed through Do-more Designer.

Last Update   : 20 February 2024

GA Version    : v1.0.3
File Size     : 1.0Mb

OS Version    : v2.9.9
File Size     : 1.01Mb

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