DirectNET Program Loader (DNLoader) - is a free utility that allows you to upload and download PLC programs and memory without the use of DirectSOFT. Use DNLoader to read the ladder program  (and optionally include system memory, user memory, and/or retentive memory) from a DirectLOGIC PLC and save all of this data in a file. You can then use DNLoader to write the contents of this file to another DirectLOGIC PLC of the same type.

Follow this link to a pdf file that contains a flowchart that fully describes how DNLoader operates.

DNLoader can use either a serial connection or an Ethernet connection (via an ECOM or ECOM100) to communicate with the DirectLOGIC PLCs. As of version 1.4 DNLoader can use either DirectNET (or CCM) or KSequence protocol to connect to the PLC to the following DirectLOGIC PLCs:

DNLoader correctly handle PLCs with password protection enabled by requiring the password be entered in able to read the data is read from the source PLC. The password is then encrypted as part of the data that is saved to disk. The password will be written to the destination PLC along with the program and any other data, and then the PLC will be locked just as the source PLC was locked.

DNLoader runs properly on the following Windows Operating Systems:

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