H0-PSCM, H2-PBC, T1H-PBC Updated: 09/17/2020
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Profibus is a control bus that provides a common method to connect automation equipment with devices on a single network. This standard communications media is referred to as Profibus and significantly reduces hardwiring costs. Profibus provides specifications for information exchanged between nodes, such as controller data associated with low-level device and configuration parameters individually related to system operations. Profibus allows 32 stations per segment. Segments vary in length depending on the desired transmission speed. The maximum speed is achieved on a segment 100 meters (327 feet) in length. Each of our Profibus DP Slaves represents a single station. Repeaters also count as stations and are used to extend the network to greater distances. Our Profibus modules support baud rates of 9.6Kbaud to 12Mbaud depending on the network length.

The H0-PSCM (Profibus Slave Communication Module) allows you connect a DL05 or DL06 PLC to a Profibus-DP network. This module plugs into the option slot of the DL05 or DL06 PLC and gives the Profibus master direct control over the PLC's internal memory and I/O. The module allows the user to transfer word and/or bit data to and from a DL05 or DL06 PLC to the Profibus master on a continuous basis, (every scan). The GSD file defines the operational modes and capabilities and the type of I/O that the module supports. Using this GSD file, the user will define:

  1. How many blocks of data, ( up to four )
  2. The type of each block, ( Input or Output, and BIT or WORD ). Possible choices of data types being X, Y, C, S, T, CT, GX, GY, & V for bit operations and V for word operations.
  3. The size of each data block. Block sizes for words can be from 1 to 32 words. Block sizes for bits can be from 8 to 64 bits. The block size increments for both words and bits are defined by the GSD file and can not be changed by the user.
  4. The address of the data to be operated on.

(Retired) The H2-PBC (Profibus Base Controller) allows you to connect DL205 I/O to a Profibus network. This module plugs into the CPU slot of any DL205 base and supports all of the discrete and analog I/O currently available as well as the H2-CTRIO module.

(Retired 8/2020) The T1H-PBC (Profibus Base Controller) allows you to connect Terminator I/O to a Profibus network. The T1H-PBC supports all of the discrete and analog I/O currently available as well as the T1H-CTRIO module.


Retired - no replacement available
Retired - no replacement available
Module Type Coprocessor Module for DL06 family CPU-slot Device CPU-slot Device
Interface Port Profibus 9-pin, D shell
Maintenance Port RJ-12 serial
Power Consumption 280mA @ 5VDC (See Note 1) 530mA @ 5VDC 530mA @ 5VDC
Maximum Expansion 126 stations (32 per segment, 9 segments max)
Max. I/O Points per Controller 244 Input Bytes and 244 Output Bytes (analog or discrete)
Communications protocol Profibus-DP
Baud Rates 9600Kbps through 12Mbps
Operating Environment 0 - 60 C (32 140 F) 5% to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
Manufacturer Host Automation Products, LLC

1. Power budget limitations restrict the number of modules allowed in the expansion slots of the DL05/06 PLCs. Please consult the power budgeting tables in your manual or catalog for specific calculations.


Upgrading the firmware in all of our Profibus interface modules is done through the config port using our free Module Configuration utility called NetEdit3. If you don't already have a copy of the utility, you can use this link to download the latest version of NetEdit3 from our web site; once installed, use NetEdit's Liveupdate function to retreive the latest firmware from our web site. Follow the instructions in NetEdit3 to perform the actual update.

Last Update   : 7 August 2003

File Size        : 64Kb
Version          : v1.0.92

View the H0-PSCM Revision History


Last Update   :  15 January 2013

Firmware        : v1.1.26
Boot Loader    : v1.0.82

View the H2-PBC Revision History


Last Update   : 11 January 2010

Firmware        : v1.1.31
Boot Loader    : v1.0.79

View the T1H-PBC Revision History



Use these following links to view the user manuals for these products. 

Use the links to get the latest GSD files

  • AUTD0779.Zip -  GSD file for the H0-PSCM
    Last Update: 14-April-2003
    Version:        0.1
  • AUTD0608.Zip -  GSD file for the H2-PBC
    Last Update: 23-Apr-2008
    Version:        0.4
  • AUTD0607.Zip -GSD file for the T1H-PBC
    Last Update: 29-April-2004
    Version:        0.4

Profibus Certificates of Conformance

Product Advisories

  • None

Here's the recommended ERNI ERbic connectors for the H0-PSCM and the H2-PBC:

  • #104577 - reverse node horizontal connector
  • #104322 - reversed termination horizontal connector

Here's the recommended ERNI ERbic connectors for the T1H-PBC:

  • #103658 - standard node vertical connector
  • #103659 - standard termination vertical connector

Here's two recommended Profibus cables:

  • Siemens - 6XVI 830 0AH10
  • Belden    - 3079A

NOTE: you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files (available at Adobe Acrobat Free Reader ).