H2-PBC, T1H-PBC and H0-PSCM Revision History
GSD File
Boot Loader
Date Device

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

  1.0.82   15-Jan-2013 H2-PBC

Stay in the boot loader for a longer period of time to allow the H2-CTRIO and H2-CTRIO2 more time to register the correct I/O count.

    1.1.31 11-Jan-2010 T1H-PBC Fixed a problem where the CTRIO module would not automatically go back into RUN mode after a power cycle.
    1.1.26 H2-PBC
0.4     23-Apr-2008 H2-PBC Added entries for the F2-8AD4DA-1 and F2-8AD4DA-2 combo analog input/output modules to the GSD file.
0.4     09-Sept-2004 T1H-PBC Fixed the Input Byte Count / Output Byte Count values for the CTRIO modules (T1H-PBC -> AUTD0607, H2-PBC -> AUTD0608).
0.3     H2-PBC
0.3     28-Apr-2004 T1H-PBC Added selection for modules T1F-08AD-1 Rev B and T1F-08AD-2 Rev B to GSD File (AUTD0607).
    1.1.20 26-Feb-2004 H2-PBC H2-EBC can now detect if an H2-CTRIO has crashed after power up.

This requires the H2-CTRIO is at least up to hardware revision 2M or 3G.
0.2     15-Jan-2004 T1H-PBC Added T1F-16RTD to the GSD file AUTD0607.
0.1     11-Sept-2003 H2-PBC Fixed GSD file (AUTD0608) for D2-08CDR (4 In / 4 Out )
    1.1.29 03-Sept-2003 T1H-PBC Add support for Fast Response (configurable) Analog Input modules.

This feature required changes to both firmware (v1.1.29) and the GSD file AUTD0607 (v0.2).
    1.0.92 07-Aug-2003 H0-PSCM Fixed erroneous Family and Device Type reported to NetEdit3.
    1.1.23 07-Aug-2003 T1H-PBC Add support for T1H-CTRIO v2.0
    1.1.19 07-Aug-2003 H2-PBC Add support for H2-CTRIO v2.0
  1.0.79   21-May-2003 T1H-PBC Fixed a problem so that the PBCs would remain in the Boot Loader if there were characters in the RX buffer.
0.1 1.0.79 1.0.91 21-May-2003 H0-PSCM Initial Release of H0-PSCM
0.1 1.0.72 1.1.14 12-Nov-2001 H2-PBC Initial Release of H2-PBC
0.1 1.0.72 1.1.10 10-Nov-2001 T1H-PBC Initial Release of T1H-PBC