Do-more Loader Updated: 08/30/2017
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The DMLoader utility will use an image file built by Generate Do-more Loader Image in the Do-more Designer software to update a Do-more CPU with the contents of that image file. The Image file can include the Do-more Designer project, firmware for the target Do-more CPU, the password configuration, etc. It can also include a Vendor ID code to make sure the image file is the proper one for the target CPU. It can even configure the Ethernet and Serial communication ports on the target CPU.

DMLoader can use a USB, Serial, or Ethernet connection to the destination Do-more CPU to transfer the image contents.

Do-more Loader works for BRX Do-more PLCs, H2 Series Do-more PLCs and Terminator I/O Series Do-more PLCs without requiring them to use Do-more Designer. This provides a convenient way for OEMs to distribute updates for existing Do-more PLC systems, and a fast way for OEMs to replicate PLC systems, which can include changing the PLC firmware, setting up communication ports, downloading the ladder logic, etc.

Do-more Loader has been certified to run on the following operating systems versions:
Windows XP (Pro and Home, 32-bit)
Windows Vista (Home, Basic and Premium, 32 or 64-bit)
Windows 7 (Home, Professional, and Ultimate, 32 or 64-bit)
Windows 8 & 8.1 (Home, Pro and Enterprise 32 or 64-bit; Windows 8 RT edition is NOT supported).
Window 10 (Home, Pro and Enterprise 64-bit).

Please note: Do-more Loader will not work with any DirectLOGIC PLCs, you must continue to use DNLoader for any of the DirectLOGIC PLCs.

Use the link below to download a WinZIP file that contains the DMLoader installation program.

SetupDMLoader. Zip
Last Update    : 28 September 2015
File Size         : 2.8 Mb
Version           : v1.4.3.3

Order programming cables separately from Automationdirect.

Do-more Loader itself and the utility to generate the DMLoader image file are both included in the Do-More Designer software which can be downloaded at no charge, or a CD copy can be purchased from Automationdirect for a nominal charge.

Do-more Designer Revision History
Version Date

Description of Additions and Changes 31 Aug 2017 Added support for BRX PLCs. 28 Sept 2015 Updated with Do-more Designer V1.4.3 3 Apr 2014 Initial Release