CTRIO Workbench Revision History

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

2.2.1 17-Apr-2013 Fixed a problem with updating the H2-CTRIO2 firmware in a base with a 240, 250, 250-1, or 260 CPU
2.2.0 17-Sept-2012 Added support for the H2-CTRIO2 in DirectLOGIC systems
  • allows higher input speeds (up to 250kHz)
  • allows higher input speeds (from 20Hz to 64kHz in CTRIO-profiles)
  • three new CTRIO2-only pulse output profiles (Dynamic Position Plus, Trapezoid Plus, Trapezoid w/ Limits) that allow output speeds from 20Hz to 250kHz
  • new PLS discrete output table type

Note: CTRIO Workbench is NOT required to use the CTRIO or CTRIO2 modules with the Do-more PLCs.

2.1.12 6-Oct-2008 Fixed a problem where Free Form pulse profile data could not be imported from .CSV or .TXT files.

This problem was created when we started building CTRIO Workbench with a newer version of the C compiler, as such, this problem exists only in v2.1.11.
2.1.11 4-Jun-2008 Added support for additional Koyo PLCs - not Automationdirect.com PLCs.
2.1.10 25-Apr-2005 The latest versions of the H2-EBC, H2-EBC100 and H4-EBC firmware changed the module type that is reported for the H2-CTRIO and H4-CTRIO. This version of the CTRIO Workbench is required to correctly identify the CTRIO modules when used with these latest versions of the EBC firmware.

See the H2-EBC Revision History, the H2-EBC100 Revision History or the H4-EBC Revision History for a complete description of the firmware change.
2.1.9 12-Aug-2004 Added MODBUS/TCP mapping information to I/O Map dialog for use with an EBC that supports MODBUS/TCP.
2.1.8c 12-May-2004 Removed unused references to 'Ch2/Fn1', 'Ch2/Fn2', 'Output 2' and 'Output 3' from the System Function tabs in Monitor I/O if connected to an H0-CTRIO.

Fixed a bug with the Rate calculator where if you use the arrow keys to increase the value to 1000, it displays 1,000 (with a comma) and then gets "Please enter a positive integer" error.

2.1.8a 26-Feb-2004 Removed 'Native T&D Addresses" I/O mapping option since it is no longer used.

Changed "Pulse Follower Mode" to "Pulse Extension Mode" as the description for an output configured as part of Pulse Catch mode.

2.1.8 20-Feb-2004 Fixed a problem in Rate Scaling that would cause the CTRIOs to crash on power up. With the input configured as a Up/down or Quadrature Counter, this problem can cause the CTRIO to crash (turn on the ERR LED).
2.1.6 12-Sept-2003 Fixed potential communication lockup in CTRIO Workbench.

Fixed 4 range I/O mapping problem when using H2-CTRIO.

2.1.2 6-May-2003 Added H0-CTRIO, H4-CTRIO and T1H-CTRIO support.

Added configuration support for T1H-PBC.

Fixed wrong description text for Output range in I/O Mapping dialog.

Changed I/O Map for an ERM --> EBC --> CTRIO, you can now enter all 4 address range values from your ERM configuration.

Added Export in I/O Map - users can create nicknames & descriptions from their work in CTRIO WB and import this data into DirectSOFT for use in their ladder program.

2.0.1 9-Dec-2002 Made I/O mapping information for WinPLC so that it now matches the EBC

PLC Links are now automatically enabled during initial connection

Added I/O mapping details for all interface modules

Added offline configuration options for all CPUs

Pulse Profile configuration dialog now uses Selection List instead of tabbed dialog

1.1Beta 5-April-2002 Fix some startup problems associated with Windows XP
1.0.1 13-July-2001 Initial Release.