H2-EBC / EBC-F Firmware Revision History

Description of Problem(s) / Addition(s) / Change(s)
2.1.446   4-Jun-2008
  • Added support for F2-16TD1P and F2-16TD2P discrete output modules.

2.1.443   24-Aug-2006
  • Corrected issue with H2-EBC and H2-EBC-F that caused it to crash - the red ERR LED would come ON - if certain system functions like 'set the IP address' or 'set Module ID' were sent to the module via a broadcast packet.

    Details: If the H2-EBC or H2-EBC-F receives a network broadcast packet that contains a request to perform a device management function like set the IP Address, set the Module ID, etc., the H2-EBC or H2-EBC-F will not process the request. These device management functions must be sent to the H2-EBC or H2-EBC-F in a point-to-point packet or in a directed broadcast packet.

  3.0.154 20-Jul-2005
  • This change to the common boot loader does not affect the H2-EBC or H2-EBC-F. For a description of this change see the H4-ECOM Revision History.
  3.0.139 26-Apr-2005
  • This change to the common boot loader does not affect the H2-EBC or H2-EBC-F. For a description of this change see the H2-ECOM Revision History.
2.1.441   25-Apr-2005
  • Added support for the new F2-8AD4DA-1 and F2-8AD4DA-2 combination analog input / output modules.

  • Fixed an I/O mapping problem when the H2-CTRIO is used in an ERM->EBC configuration. The problem shows up as an I/O mapping discrepancy between what's displayed in CTRIO Workbench and the I/O Map displayed in ERM Workbench.

    NOTE: This change requires that you also use an updated version
    CTRIO Workbench (v2.1.10 or later) to configure the H2-CTRIO.

    Technically speaking, the H2-CTRIO module will now be reported as a Type 7 module instead of a Type 5 module.

2.1.426   30-Jul-2004
  • Fixed a problem in the H2-EBC & H2-EBC-F so that it will now correctly handle packets with 128 bytes of serial data.
  3.0.121 14-Apr-2004
  • Decrease the delay time in the boot loader before loading the firmware. We now do the following:

    Wait for Link Good + 150ms
    if No Link Good wait for a total of 2000ms
2.1.401   26-Feb-2004
2.1.397   15-Nov-2002
  • H2-EBC-F now correctly reports itself as the fiber optic version.
2.1.396   17-Sept-2002
  • Suppress Broken Transmitter Errors and Unused Channel information for 5 seconds after power up. This is to allow the F2-04THM and F2-04RTD modules enough time to make one pass through their broken transmitter detection loop. Without this delay, all channels initially show up as "bad" and the error must be cleared.
  3.0.101 10-Oct-2002
  • To make sure that our firmware update utility can 'catch' the EBC in the boot loader, we changed the amount of time the boot loader will wait - listening for the 'stay in the booter commands from the firmware update utility - before loading the OS. We now do the following:

    Wait for Link Good + 200ms
    if No Link Good wait for a total of 2000ms
2.1.387   4-Jun-2002
  • Correctly handle parity errors through H2-SERIO module.
2.1.385   9-Apr-2002
  • H2-CTRIO outputs not being written when used with Think'nDo or with an ERM.
2.1.383   18-Dec-2001
  • Added H2-SERIO support.
  • Added Watchdog and Run Mode support for H2-CTRIO to make the CTRIO power up in RUN mode (assuming the CTRIO has a valid configuration).
  • Serial port tweaks.
2.1.357 3.0.92 17-July-2001
  • Updated to support use by ERM (Ethernet Remote Master) modules.
  • Initial H2-CTRIO support.
2.1.137   29-Apr-1999
  • Fixed problem when using an F2-04AD-2 module in bipolar mode. Depending on the I/O configuration, a negative voltage would generate an unstable digital value.
2.1.128   30-Mar-1999
  • Fixed problem with the EBC generating false watchdog timeouts. View the Product Advisory (PDF format ) that describes the problem in more detail.
  • Added support for the new analog output modules F2-02DAS-1 and F2-08DA-2.
  • For analog modules that have a broken transmitter bit for each channel, we added ability to report these multiple alarms on each scan.
2.1.101   8-Oct-1998
  • Added function code (D4) that allows you to specify delay times - in 50Microsecond increments - between individual write operations in a single Ethernet packet. For example, If you want to turn on a point, then turn it off exactly .5ms later, you can do it in one transaction by inserting a delay between the items in the packet.
  • Added ability to turn off the Serial port processing by setting the baud rate to 0.
  • Added function HEIWriteIONoRead() that will not gather the current IO states for the return packet.
2.1.96   2-Oct-1998
  • Changed Ether32.Exe - the update tool - to handle some error conditions. No firmware changes.
2.1.96   28-Sep-1998
  • Added IPNetMask field to allow for broadcasting with address that's NOT
  • You're no longer allowed to set the IP address to
  • Initial release.