Firmware updates

NetEdit v3 is the utility program we now use to download and update the firmware in all of our Ethernet devices. NetEdit has a LiveUpdate feature that will download all of the latest firmware files then check the devices on you network and tell you which devices have out of date firmware.

Software updates

Go here to download the latest software updates and demo programs for all of the DirectSOFT versions, all versions of the DSData Server, and for the LookoutDirect and DLPlus products.

Utility Programs

Go here to download the latest version of our hardware management utilities NetEdit, CTRIO Workbench and ERM Workbench. Go here the download the latest version of the utilities we've created to help manage various software issues, DNLoader, DMLoader, DBWin32, etc.

Product Support Forum

We've added a product support forum to our web site to help you get quick answers to your product support questions.


The FAQs for all of our products are also located on each product page.

Out of warranty repair

We offer a repair service for our products that are no longer covered under the original manufacturer's warranty. Before sending the item back to us for repair, we need you to request an RMA number and get the shipping instructions.

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Do-more Technical Support
Training Slideshow



We have made the PowerPoint™ slides that we use in our Do-more technical support training class available for those who want to see them. You will need a PowerPoint™ Viewer.

Download a free PPT Viewer from Microsoft