DSData OPC/DDE Server Updated: 03/05/2012
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How would you like to get real-time PLC data directly into Visual Basic™ or the HMI packages that you use every day, faster than you ever imagined? Our software, called the DSData Server, utilizes both DDE and OPC to share PLC data with other Windows programs. This data can be used by any office software that supports DDE and any controls software that acts as an OPC client.

Here's a short list of some features:

  • Supports DirectNET (CCM), K-sequence, and ECOM (over Ethernet) protocols to all DirectLOGIC PLCs
  • Supports an RS-422 multi-drop network of up to 90 PLCs using the DirectNET protocol
  • Accesses all discrete (X, Y, C) and all word data (V-memory, data registers, etc.)
  • Various word data formats available (decimal, BCD, floating point, etc.)
  • Fully compliant OPC v1.1 Server that supports browsing for point and click use with OPC Clients.
  • User Interface features including tear-off toolbars, tool-tips, context sensitive menus via right-mouse click, and the new Browser Style Interface. You can browse your Topics and (new) SubTopics in the left browser pane, and see the detailed event information on the associated data point Items in the right browser pane.
  • Multiple SubTopics can now be created within each Topic, allowing for independent Update Rates per SubTopic. Now you can create higher and lower priority SubTopics that utilize the same communication link and DirectSOFT32 Nickname database associated with the parent Topic.
  • Event Logging utility allows you to log historical events for a specific data point Item, a set of Items, or an entire Topic or SubTopic.
  • Nickname Support is available when a Topic is associated with a DirectSOFT32 Documentation database, the Nicknames can be viewed in the DSData Server browser without having to launch DirectSOFT32 Programming.
  • New System Items, you or your client application can monitor a new set of System Items which are pre-defined Items exposing different aspects of the system status of the DSData Server. These System Items include the communication link's current state, number of successful transfers, number of retries, number of errors, the transfer rate (in transfers per second), number of outstanding write operations, and the Topic's or SubTopic's communication update interval.
  • New 32-Bit Communication Server, by utilizing the new 32-Bit DirectSoft32 Communication Server, the DSData Server can concurrently use the same communications links as DirectSOFT32 and LookoutDirect.
Recommended System Configuration
Operating System Windows 98 / Me / NT4 / 2000 / XP
CPU Pentium III Class / 500mHz or greater
RAM 128Mb
Hard Disk 10Mb
PLC Connectivity RS-232 Serial Port
USB port with USB-to-Serial adapter
10Base-T or 10/100 Ethernet network card
Manufacturer Host Engineering, Inc.

This is the recommended system configuration for what we consider to be a good performing PC with this application. As with any Windows application, a faster processor, more RAM, etc. will definitely improve the performance. While you can definitely run the software on PCs with less capability, you run the risk of resource bottlenecks that can cause serious performance problems, and in some cases even system crashes.

Fast CPUs and RAM are cheap,
 engineering time and system downtime aren't,
plan accordingly !

Service Pack

All Release 3.0 and 4.0 products are 32-bit only software packages. They will work with Windows  98, ME, NT4, Win2000, and  XP.

These Service Packs are NOT complete installations.
You must have a previous release of the product installed to use these service packs. 

If you have DSData Release Release 4.0, here's the latest service pack.

The installation product key is : DSDATA-SERVICE-PACK

DSData Server v4.0 (Build 25) Service Pack   ( ~4Mb )                View the Release 4.0 Revision history.


If you have DSData Release Release 3.0, here's the latest service pack

The product key is : DSDATA-SERVICE-PACK

DSData Server v3.0c (Build 80) Service Pack              View  the Release 3.0 Revision history.


We are no longer actively developing this product. It is still available for customers needing to upgrade.

If you have DDE Server Release 1.0, here's the latest service pack:

DDE Server 1.7a Service Pack Jan '1999 (~1.4mb )



You can now test drive our latest DDE / OPC server software, DSData Server v4.0. This fully functional demo program will operate for 30 minutes. If you have any questions about the functionality of an application using DSData or about the speed of an application using DSData, we heartily encourage you to download this demo and try it out before you buy it.

You can only have one installation of the DSData Server on a PC. If you install this DEMO on a PC that already has a version of DSData installed, that existing version will be uninstalled - probably not what you want to have happen!

The installation product key is : DSDATA-DEMO

DSData Server v4.0 (Build 25) Demo   ( ~4Mb )


Example Programs

We've put together an example program that show how to use Visual Basic as an OPC client for DSData by using the automation wrapper DLL provided by OPCFoundation.org. This ZIP file contains the VB6 project, an installation file for the automation wrapper DLL, and a PowerPoint presentation from SoftwareToolBox that does a good job of explaining how this VB <--> OPC <--> DSData connection works.




Product Advisories
  • None

NOTE: you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files (available at Adobe Acrobat Free Reader ).