Changes implemented in Release 4.0 of the DSData Server

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 25),  09 September 2004

  • New Build 25 of the Communications Server, no changes to the DSData Server itself.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 24),  25 May 2004

  • Removed Microsoft Excel example spreadsheets from the installation disk

  • Delete the Microsoft Excel example spreadsheet from previous installations if they haven't been changed.

  • Includes new example file: "C:\DirectSOFT4\Projects\Examples\DSData\DSData to Microsoft Word.doc"

  • Fixed 330P problem when using DirectNET to access special C160-C177 range.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 23),  20 February 2004

  • Added Comm Server support for Radio Modems.

  • Can now specify a minimum update interval (i.e. a poll throttle) for Ethernet Comm Links.

  • Increased maximum timeout for serial links from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • Installs new version of HEI32_3.DLL dated 2 Feb 04.

 What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 22),  10 September 2003

  • CommServer -- No longer hogs 99% of the PC's CPU on initial startup while waiting for non-existent IPX protocol and socket!  No longer crashes after User deletes all Comm Links!  Hopefully this fixes the last of the CommServer startup crashes / performance problems when IPX is not installed.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 20),  27 June 2003

  • CommServer -- Fixed CommServer startup crash caused by temporary internal CommLinks in DSLaunch -- most commonly seen when IPX not installed.

  • CommServer -- Improved CommServer startup performance, especially during first-time Auto-search for CommLinks, even with all COM devices enabled.

  • CommServer -- Fixed 3 problems in the Configure Link -> Module Setup -> Ethernet Module Setup dialog:
    1. Now fills the Devices list automatically
    2. Devices list has been widened to accommodate display of the vertical scroll bar without obstructing view of MAC addresses.
    3. The Type field no longer displays "M00E00F00X00" for all of the devices in the list.

  • Installation -- Now installs NetEdLib.DLL (Version and HEI32_3.DLL (Version

  • Installation (DSP, DSData) -- Now offers to place a DSLaunch shortcut on the User's Desktop. No longer displays the Program Folder at the end of the install.

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, LKD) -- No longer installs CTL3D32.DLL.

  • DSData HELP System -- Added Valid Item Name characters to DS Data.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 18),  9 December 2002

  • Fixed initial read timeout problem.  Was fixed at 60 seconds - now is configurable via ValidDataTimeout item in [DSData] group in DS400.INI file.

  • CommServer -- Fixed CommServer crash when IPX not installed

  • CommServer – If PLC type was 260 (or any new unknown PLC), the Link Wizard displayed ‘?????’ – this has been fixed.

  • CommServer – Link Wizard:  ‘Setup module’ now retrieves module names from HEIDB.INI file in \Bin folder.

  • CommServer -- COM3 and COM4 are now DISABLED by default in the DS400.INI file.

  • CommServer -- Added to DS400.ini file by default (Commented out by default.  To activate, remove the initial semicolon ; character.)

    [Comm Server]
    ;AutoSense=0    (To turn OFF auto sensing of Comm Links during Comm Server startup, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

    ;Dump=1    (To enable a dump of Serial Port debugging information, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

    ;UDPPortNumEnable=1    (To enable display of the UDP Port Number, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

  • DS400.INI File -- Added support for parameters in [UTILITIES] and [APPLETS] sections in the DS400.INI file using <:> syntax:

    Your Favorite App=0,C:\YourFolder\YourApp.exe<:>parameters

  • This version will support the H0-ECOM, once the module is released.

  • Installation -- DSData Upgrades and Service Packs now correctly install the new version after uninstalling the previous version.

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, and CD Browser) – Install now prompts DSP/DSData Customers to first remove the KeyCode sticker from the shrink wrap packaging, and place it on the CD jewel case.  (KeyCode stickers for other products are already on the CD jewel cases.)

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, ERMwb, CTRIOwb) -- Fixed UninstallString in Registry.  On WinXP/2K systems, was not adding “-cC:\DirectSOFT4\Un***.DLL” to UninstallString command line, so Add/Remove programs and internally launched Uninstalls would result in an incomplete uninstall.  (Uninstall via the Start Menu “Uninstall DirectSOFT32 …” or “Uninstall … Workbench” shortcut has always been reliable.

  • Installation (DSP / DSData Upgrades, ERMwb, CTRIOwb)  Fixed a case sensitivity bug that affects only Customers who have installed DSP or DSData to a custom directory name.  Does NOT affect Customers who install to the recommended default directories:  \DirectSOFT4\, \DirectSOFT32\, or \Dirctsft\.  Fixes DSP / DSData Upgrades that would refuse to install for some Customers.  Also fixes distribution of HAPTools.DLL and DSPLink.DLL for ERM and CTRIO Workbenches.  

What's New in Version 4.0,  24 July 2002

  • Added support for new PLCs (250-1, 260 and 06)

  • addressed more USB-to-Serial Adapter compatibility issues