ERM Workbench Revision History
Version Date Description of Problems / Additions / Changes
2.4.0 (Build 4) 10-Nov-2022

Better handling of clearing, reading, and writing the ERM / ERM100's configuration.

Properly handles configuration of the optional Subnet Mask for ERM100 modules.

List of Slaves maintains it's selection after sorting.

Reports an error if the configured ERM is already a slave to a Do-more Ethernet I/O Master.

Fixed window positioning error.

2.3.3 20-Dec-2018

Added support for D4-454 CPU.

Added support for D2-262 CPU.

2.0 (Build 6) 6-Sept-2012

Added ability to support Do-more CPUs; the ERM / ERM100s will publish their data to DLX, DLY, DLC, and DLV memory blocks.

Removed firmware update ability from the ERM Workbench (all firmware updates are done with NetEdit3).

1.2.2 17-Jul-2007

Fixed a bug that prevented ERM Workbench from displaying I/O errors from the remote CPU slot.

Added Error 68 - Watchdog Timer Exceeded message to the Slave Error List.

Removed Global (GX/GY) memory range from the PLC Memory Map help text for the 250.

1.1 (Build 27) 12-Aug-2004

Fix a bug that caused a sporadic crash during IP download.

Add T1H-EBC100 support.

1.1 (Build 26) 14-Apr-2004

If you are using IP protocol and attempt to download a configuration to an ERM that has not been assigned an IP address, you will get the following error message:

"The device's IP address has not been set. In order to download using IP protocol, the ERM must have a valid IP address. Use NetEdit to configure the ERM's IP address."

1.1 (Build 25) 08-Jan-2004

In the ERM Configuration Wizard, the 'Write to ERM' function will try both IP and IPX protocols before it reports an 'ERM not Found' error message.

1.1 (Build 23) 12-May-2003

When downloading to an ERM that is already configured, ERM workbench will turnoff the I/O update to the CPU until the new configuration download has completed.

Changed error 144 (Drive not Found or Initialized) from Internal only to Internal/External.

1.1.5 05-Sep-2002

Fixed a problem that occurred when saving configurations to DISK that contained I/O padding for possible I/O expansion. This caused a necessary change in the ".ERM" data file format. Release 1.1 software can read Release 1.0 and Release 1.1 files, but the old version cannot read the new file format. Release 1.0 .ERM files are valid as long as the configuration does not contain any I/O configuration pad bytes.

Added extended slave error diagnostic capabilities, along with a dialog box that shows a list of possible error codes.

Added the ability to Clear the ERM configuration, via the toolbar or File->Clear ERM menu item.

Added 260 memory map support.

Added smart refresh of slave's base definition within ERM workbench: when you add the slave to the ERM's slave list, when you return from NetEdit (possible 405 analog configuration), and after you upgrade firmware. This is helpful if you are swapping I/O modules in your slaves while you are configuring your ERM.

Disables any Ethernet protocols that are not available (UDP/IP or IPX).

Added feature to change the PLC Scan Timeout for ERM If a PLC ever does have a long PLC scan time (anything around 100ms), this will be beneficial. This is a timeout setting and does not need to be tweaked, just leave it at 100ms unless above situation is true. If the PLC scan time is greater than 50-99ms, make it 2x the maximum PLC scan time.

Changed the ERM Workbench Toolbar. It includes the new Clear ERM and Error List buttons, and eliminates the copy/cut/paste buttons which were unused.

1.1.1 02-Aug-2001

Initial Release.