T1H-EBC Revision History
Date Description of Problem(s) / Addition(s) / Change(s)
1.0.470     24-Aug-2006 Corrected issue with T1H-EBC that caused it to crash - the red ERR LED would come ON - if certain system functions like 'set the IP address' or 'set Module ID' were sent to the module via a broadcast packet.

Details: If the T1H-EBC receives a network broadcast packet that contains a request to perform a device management function like set the IP Address, set the Module ID, etc., the T1H-EBC will not process the request. These device management functions must be sent to the T1H-EBC in a point-to-point packet or in a directed broadcast packet.
1.0.467     12-Dec-2005 Added support for function 0x0D - Delay processing for a given number of 50microsecond periods.
  3.0.154   20-Jul-2005 This change to the common boot loader does not affect the T1H-EBC. For a description of this change see the H4-ECOM Revision History.
  3.0.139   25-Apr-2005 This change to the common boot loader does not affect the T1H-EBC. For a description of this change see the H2-ECOM Revision History.
1.0.461     30-Jul-2004 Fixed a problem in the T1H-EBC that it will now correctly handle packets with 128 bytes of serial data.
3.0.121 14-Apr-2004 Decrease the delay time in the boot loader as follows:

Wait for Link Good + 150ms
if No Link Good wait for a total of 2000ms
1.0.457     07-Mar-2003 Added support for new T1F-08AD-2F (Fast Response) module.

Added Watchdog and Run Mode support for T1H-CTRIO to make the CTRIO power up in RUN mode (assuming the CTRIO has a valid configuration).

1.0.444     04-Jun-2002 Fixed problem with HEIWriteIO not returning the input status.

Fixed problem in reporting the base definition for T1H-CTRIO.

1.0.442     18-Dec-2001 Added support for T1H-CTRIO.

Serial port tweaks.

1.0.426     17-Aug-2001 Increased internal buffer to handle maximum I/O configuration (16 T1F-16DA-2 modules).

Increased analog output update performance.

Made sure all status bits are read at the same time, by forcing a reread after a ReadModuleStatus call with Reset=TRUE.

1.0.398     31-Jul-2001 Minor changes to broadcast packet handling
1.0.394     01-Jun-2001 Added support for T1F-8AD4DA combination analog module and T1F-14THM Thermocouple module.
1.0.390     30-Jan-2001 Fixed problem in the serial port interface.
1.0.386     31-Dec-2000 Initial Release of the T1H-EBC