H0-ECOM, H2-ECOM / -F, H4-ECOM / -F Revision History
Boot Loader
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Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

1.0.364   27 Mar-2012 H0-ECOM Additional security enhancements to further mitigate undesired access to the PLC over Ethernet.

DIP Switch number 5 can now be used to disable the ability to update the FLASH memory in the ECOMs. This allows the user to write protect the firmware, the network configuration, the node configuration, and the peer-to-peer configuration. This feature is enabled through the Advanced Settings page.
If you are currently using DIP #5 to set the module ID to a value greater then 32, AND you want to use this new DIP #5 Lock function, you must first use NetEdit to set the Module ID.

Added a PLC password lockout: three failed attempts at entering the PLC password within a 5 minute period will cause the ECOM to lock out further attempts to enter the password for the next 5 minutes. During this lock out time, the Module Type will be displayed in NetEdit with the suffix “-LOCKED”.

1.0.227 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
1.0.362   03-Feb-2012 H0-ECOM Updated security to mitigate undesired access to the PLC over Ethernet.
1.0.215 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
3.0.157 31-Jan-2011 H2-ECOM / -F This boot loader is common to the H2-ERM / H2-ERM-F, there was no change to the boot loader that affects the H2-ECOM / H2-ECOM-F.
1.0.361   3-Feb-2010 H0-ECOM

Fixed a problem in the requests for data across the backplane that may cause the H0-ECOM and ECOM100s to stop communicating.

1.0.360   24 Aug-2006 H0-ECOM Corrected issue with ECOMs and ECOM100s that caused them to crash - the red ERR LED would come ON - if certain system functions like 'set the IP address' or 'set Module ID' were sent to the modules via a broadcast packet.

Details: If the ECOMs or ECOM100s receive a network broadcast packet that contains a request to perform a device management function like set the IP Address, set the Module ID, etc., the ECOM and ECOM100 will not process the request. These device management functions must be sent to the ECOM and ECOM100 in a point-to-point packet or in a directed broadcast packet.
1.0.213 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
1.0.358 25-Jul-2006 H0-ECOM Fixed a problem in the H0-ECOM that caused it to only perform one retry regardless of how many retries were configured.
3.0.154 20-Jul-2005 H4-ECOM /-F
  • Fixed a power up issue in the ECOM that prevented the DL405 PLCs from recognizing the H4-ECOM correctly. This problem shows up on the Configure I/O dialog where the ECOM is identified as a D4-SF with the Module ID of "FF"

The Details: as part of its power up procedure, the PLC CPU scans the backplane and uses the number it finds in a particular location in the ECOM's Shared RAM to identify the Module. To ensure that this values is in place when the PLC CPU scans the backplane, the Module ID value is now initialized by the boot loader instead of the firmware.

3.0.139 26-Apr-2005 H0-ECOM
H2-ECOM / -F
Fixed a power up issue in the ECOM that caused the PLC to erroneously allocate a huge number of I/O points. We've seen the problem show up in these two ways:
  1. A System Error "E262 - I/O out of range"
  2. Huge Input and Output count values shown in DirectSOFT's PLC->Config I/O dialog for the slot the ECOM is installed in (usually in the 1000+ range).

The Details: as part of its power up procedure, the PLC CPU scans the backplane and uses the values it finds in the ECOM's Shared RAM to allocate memory for the module's I/O. To ensure that these values are in place when the PLC CPU scans the backplane, the values are now initialized by the boot loader instead of the firmware.

3.0.121 14-Apr-2004 H4-ECOM / -F Decrease the delay time in the boot loader so that a D4-440 using a D4-RAM-1 memory cartridge would correctly identify the H4-ECOM. Before this change, the H4-ECOM would be detected as an SF MODULE. We now do the following:

Wait for Link Good + 150ms
if No Link Good wait for a total of 2000ms
1.0.357 14-Aug-2003 H0-ECOM If the DL05's serial port 2 is being used for Modbus slave communication, using an H0-ECOM at the same time would cause the ECOM to eventually lockup.
1.0.355   20-June-2003 H0-ECOM
  • If using the RX & WX to send and receive data to a PC - what we call the 'report-by-exception' configuration - using the RX command to read the return data from the PC will now clear the RX/WX Error code.
1.0.211   H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
1.0.354 06-May-2003 H0-ECOM Initial Release of H0-ECOM
1.0.207   15-Nov-2002 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
H2-ECOM-F and H4-ECOM-F now correctly report themselves as the fiber optic versions.
  3.0.101   H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
To make sure that our firmware update utility can 'catch' the EBC in the boot loader, we changed the amount of time the boot loader will wait - listening for the 'stay in the booter commands from the firmware update utility - before loading the OS. We now do the following:

Wait for Link Good + 200ms
if No Link Good wait for a total of 2000ms
1.0.197 3.0.92 21-July-2001 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Added support for use with the EZ-Ethernet adapter card for the EZ-Touch panels.

Requires that the boot loader v3.0.92 be installed first.
1.0.147   14-May-1999 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Added ability to adjust the KSequence Retries to fix a problem that can occur when using the H4-ECOM with a D4-450 CPU.

If a device using the KSequence protocol is connected to port 2 while you're using the ECOM with DirectSOFT or the DDE Server, the default number of backplane retries can sometimes not be sufficient.

This is not a change to the ECOM firmware, it's a change in the configuration tool.
1.0.147   30-Mar-1999 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Added new feature that allows you to have the Koyo PLC generate Ethernet packets intended for a PC. Utilizing the RX / WX instructions and a block of V-memory to store the configuration data, you can send PLC data back to a PC on the network.
1.0.97   6-Oct-1998 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Fixed problem that would not allow you to go online with DirectSOFT or the DDE Server. Only affected latest booter version (2.1.47). You will get "Transport Protocol Error" when you try to finish building a link.
1.0.86   2-Oct-1998 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Changed Ether32.Exe - the update tool - to handle some error conditions. No firmware changes.
1.0.86   28-Sep-1998 H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Fixed problem that arises when AppVal rolls over to  0 on an Rx instruction.

If your ladder program contains network instructions ( RX / WX )
    If the 65535th network instruction is an Rx
        The value returned is from the previous network instruction.
    If the 65535th instruction is a WX
        The value is not written to the PLC

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1.0.85     H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Added IP Netmask field to allow for broadcasting with address that's NOT You're no longer allowed to set the IP address to
1.0.7     H2-ECOM / -F
H4-ECOM / -F
Initial release of the H2-ECOM, H2-ECOM-F, H4-ECOM, and H4-ECOM-F firmware.