DirectSOFT6 Revision History

What's New in Version 6.3, 21 Dec 2018

  • Added support for the new D2-262 CPU.

  • Now installs ERM Workbench v2.3.3, CTRIO Workbench v2.4, DNLoader v1.5.0.1 and NetEdit v3.17 with support for the D2-262 CPU.

  • Now able to correctly enter K2 for Base number in ANLGCMB, ANLGIN and ANLGOUT.

What's New in Version 6.2, 20 July 2018

  • Now installs in Program Files and User Documents folders.

  • General Security Updates.

What's New in Version 6.1a, 29 Sept 2017

  • Now properly supports High Resolution / 4K Screen Displays.

  • Removed duplicate "NetEdit 3" entry from PLC Tools menu.

  • General Security Updates.

What's New in Version 6.1, 14 Jun 2017

  • Support for the new D4-454 PLC which includes: Increased Ladder Memory size from 16K to 32K (32256), PORT 2 supports MODBUS Protocol, 38400 baud rate for all protocols, including Non-Sequence, on PORT 1, PORT 2 and PORT 3, and the System Information dialog now shows Memory Type: M-RAM (instead of Flash F-ROM).

  • Views now support "Live Scrolling."  View contents now update while dragging the Scroll Bar Thumb, or when using the Scroll Wheel.

  • Fixed Scroll Bar Line Up/Down, Page Up/Down, Thumb Drag operations, and Scroll Wheel issues in Grid-based Views with many entries (e.g. Documentation View).

  • Data View grid lines are now more readily visible.

  • TAPI Modem issue on Windows 10: Setting ModemEnable=0 in the INI file no longer attempts to initialize TAPI.

  • DSP6x.exe, Csmain.exe, and Esmain.exe will now all create crash dump file (with .dmp extension) in the case of an unhandled exception.

  • ERM Workbench Version (Build 1) supports the new D4-454 PLC.

  • CTRIO Workbench Version (or greater) supports the new D4-454 PLC.  (With DSPLink3.DLL Version or greater)

What's New in Version 6.0c, 17 Jun 2016

  • Fixed an obscure issue that caused some computers running Windows Vista to display the error message: "Attempted an unsupported operation" during File Open Project, File Save As Project, and Backup Project.

  • Data View now correctly updates when Global Display Aliases setting is changed.  (e.g. TA0 <--> V0).

  • Corrected status bar and menu display strings associated with Test Mode Operations.

  • Help System:  Added Help for the new Box Input Leg Labels, Trend View Options, and updated the Toolbar Button graphics.

What's New in Version 6.0b, 25 Feb 2016

  • The faster status updates introduced in Version 6.0 cause some older/slower PC's to become unresponsive, especially when viewing status with multiple Projects open. Version 6.0b automatically fixes this problem for most PC's.  However, if your PC becomes unresponsive during status update, try removing the semicolon from one or both of these two new status update interval settings under the [SETUP] section of your DS600.INI file:
    The default values are 20 Hz (50ms poll) for Data View and 40 Hz (25ms poll) for Ladder/Stage/Trend Views.  You can tweak these settings to make them slower (for old/slow PCs), or even faster (e.g. fast Trend).  (5119)

  • Comm Links and their associated settings are now saved to CommServ.RST file whenever any Comm Links are added, edited or deleted.

  • Increased Comm Server Initialization timeout to address a startup issue on Windows 8.

  • Fixed a problem where Output Coils were being swapped on Accept under certain circumstances.

  • Shift Register (SR)  instruction now correctly allows a higher address in the first parameter field so that both SR C0 C7, and SR C7 C0 are properly supported to allow Shift Left or Shift Right.

  • Display of the PONOFF IBox instruction incorrectly implied it to be an edge-triggered instruction.  It is now properly displayed as unconditional.

  • Inserting a new column in the last input column of a rung, then inserting a Relational Contact now correctly widens the input area to accommodate the Relational Contact.

  • Right-Click Context Menu now correctly offers "Trend View" only if connected to a PLC.

  • Fixed an issue where the line width combo box was not always reflecting the correct width for the current element.

  • Fixed Status Bar background color issue with Override turned on.

  • Hidden Data Views / XRef Views no longer "pop open" on Save to Disk.

  • The Output Window now initializes properly on Open Project if it was hidden when the Project was closed.

  • Print All now properly maintains the Black & White (monochrome) settings.

  • Includes latest NetEdit 3 firmware images as of 24 Feb 2016.

What's New in DirectSOFT Version 6.0a, 05 March 2015

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Color Setup dialog from displaying properly under Windows XP.

  • Fixed a problem that would not allow saved Data Views and Trend Views to be reopened under Windows XP.

  • Koyo Customers are now able to use Koyo elements in the new SCALEB, SCALEBD, CTRRGRD, and CTRRGWR IBoxes.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when using the AIN (ASCII In) instruction editor.

  • Long Nicknames now display in the Ladder View with adequate margins, especially in power rail boxes and Relational Contacts.

  • Comm Port auto-detect on startup now preserves previously enabled ports and adds/enables any newly detected ports in the DS600.INI file. To disable an unwanted port, under [devasync.dll] set that comm port enable to zero (e.g. COM1Enable=0).