Changes implemented in Release 4.0 of DirectSOFT32-Programming

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 25),  9 September 2004

  • Setup Secondary Comm Port for DL06: Changed Communication Timeout setting per DL06 Specification updates.

  • In a DL06 project, when using the Search-->Replace... dialog, if you typed in the Replace/Swap "With:" field an address that extended past CTA177 (V1177), then the "thru" field showed CTA's greater than CTA177, which are not supported in the DL06.

  • Fixed FAULT Message display error for the DL06.

  • No longer crashes (after three error messages) if you try to open a DirectSOFT v5.x project.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 24),  25 May 2004

  • Fixed 330P Status display problem when using DirectNET to access the special C160-C177 range.

  • Improved Mouse-wheel support.

  • Fixed PID Tune View problem introduced in Build 23 when writing to the Set-Point.

  • Fixed display of floating point values: One too many digits. 0.0001 was not displayed properly (was displayed as 9.99997E-05).

  • Fixed buffer size problem that could cause the Ladder Instruction Browser dialog to be hidden from view. 

  • CTRIOwb 2.1.8c & ERMwb 1.1 (Build 26) Setups no longer prompt for Name / Company, and they use the DirectSOFT App Path entry in the Registry when available to update the DirectSOFT PLC Tools menu.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 23),  20 February 2004

  • Added Comm Server support for Radio Modems.

  • Can now specify a minimum update interval (i.e. a poll throttle) for Ethernet Comm Links.

  • Increased maximum timeout for serial links from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • No longer permits selection of Cascade mode if Remote is blank.

  • Improved behavior when entering HiHi / Hi / Lo / LoLo values and alarms.

  • With Loop in cascade mode, Remote SetPoint now correctly displays the output of the other Loop, instead of 0.

  • Fixed download of maximum length program to PLC. No longer downloads last instruction if NOP.

  • MRX / MWX Instructions: Fixed compare problem due to 5-digit vs. 6-digit addresses.

  • File Save As… now defaults to the folder where the current project was opened.

  • File Menu / New Project dialog / Open Project dialog: Fixed inconsistent use of terms "Project" vs "File".

  • Changed ToolBar tips to clarify that Read/Write Disk/PLC buttons Read/Write ONLY the PROGRAM, not the entire set of Project data.

  • DSP Startup no longer wastes time looking for Projects on empty floppy Drive A:.

  • Added date verification to the Calendar dialog.

  • Fixed import of ACON and AFIND instructions when ASCII string contains spaces.

  • In Configure I/O, DSP now checks SPD complete flag before getting module names.

  • Now consistently removes leading / trailing spaces. Fixed display problem in Change Value dialog.

  • Installs new version of HEI32_3.DLL dated 2 Feb 04.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 22),  10 September 2003

  • CommServer -- No longer hogs 99% of the PC's CPU on initial startup while waiting for non-existent IPX protocol and socket!  No longer crashes after User deletes all Comm Links!  Hopefully this fixes the last of the CommServer startup crashes / performance problems when IPX is not installed!

  • Change Value -- Using the Change Value dialog on P-memory types (V-memory pointers) now works correctly.

  • 250(-1) I/O Config -- Now displays correctly based on the fact that 250 supports only 1 base, and 250-1 supports up to 3 bases.

  • Clear PLC Memory -- System Variable Memory -- Now correctly clears the DL06 analog auto-transfer range: V700-V737.  For DL05, the analog auto-transfer range was V7700-V7701, but now DSP clears V7700-V7707 for the new F0-04THM module.

  • PID -- Added a warning message whenever User selects Auto Transfer To/From Analog Module:
        "If the auto transfer to/from I/O function is used, the analog data for all of
         the channels on the analog modules being used with this feature cannot
         be accessed by any other method, i.e., pointer or multiplex."

  • PID -- Modified PID Autotune messages to clarify that the PV must be "5% of total PID input span (i.e. 5%*4095, 5%*32767...) below the SP".

  • Ladder View (with Koyo Kostac S-Series, PZ1... PLCs) -- Moving the mouse cursor or pressing CTRL, ALT, SHIFT keys while in Edit Mode no longer produces a beep.

  • Instruction Browser Help: Clarified that the Real Trigonometric Function Instructions:  SINR, COSR, TANR, ASINR, ACOSR, and ATANR operate on RADIANS, not degrees.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 20),  27 June 2003

  • NOTE:  Build 18 (26 Nov 2002) also fixed problems with printing to a Network Printer -- but the fix was not documented in that list.

  • Includes ERM Workbench Version 1.1 Build 23.

  • Includes CTRIO Workbench Version 2.1.2 -- with firmware image support for H0-CTRIO, T1H-CTRIO and H4-CTRIO, as well as H2-CTRIO.

  • CommServer -- Fixed CommServer startup crash caused by temporary internal CommLinks in DSLaunch -- most commonly seen when IPX not installed.

  • CommServer -- Improved CommServer startup performance, especially during first-time Auto-search for CommLinks, even with all COM devices enabled.

  • CommServer -- Fixed 3 problems in the Configure Link -> Module Setup -> Ethernet Module Setup dialog:
    1. Now fills the Devices list automatically.
    2. Devices list has been widened to accommodate display of the vertical scroll bar without obstructing view of MAC addresses.
    3. The Type field no longer displays "M00E00F00X00" for all of the devices in the list.

  • Backup Project now automatically exports and backs up Text file versions of the Program, Element Documentation, Ladder Comments, and Stage Comments.

  • PID -- Now sizes correctly to display AutoTune information.

  • PID -- Fixed: Setup PID for Bi-polar. Use negative value in PV. Watch the trend pin go crazy. Looks like the MSB was being used for data and not the sign bit.

  • PID -- When using Ramp/Soak, the Jog button sometimes caused the Step number to show zero momentarily, this was fixed.

  • PID -- Can now enable / disable Nickname display in PID view using the Global Tab in the View - Options dialog.

  • PID -- Fixed:  If you press Reset, then Yes, OUT and BIAS freeze, and the trend does not start updating. If you make a change to maximize, minimize, then close and reopen, it starts updating again.

  • PID -- Fixed inconsistent display behavior when switching between Output tabs of different Loops, selecting and deselecting the Auto transfer to I/O module.

  • Setup Secondary Comm Port dialogs now display 3-Character Base Timeout information for Non-Sequence protocol.

  • Setup Secondary Comm Port -- Now gives the PLC up to 30 seconds to complete operation ( changing from 5 to A, if 5 is in the Enable Status V-memory) before displaying error message.

  • Overrides -- Can now enable / disable Nickname display in PLC -> Setup -> Overrides dialog using the Global Tab in the View -> Options dialog.

  • Trap Monitor is only available in Test Run mode. Now asks if the User wishes to switch the PLC mode to Test Run mode if the mode is not already Test Run.

  • Trap Monitor option is no longer offered for the DL05, since it is not supported in the PLC.

  • Data View -- Fixed a problem with ECOM protocol when writing 8 bits starting with C0 in Data View. Now allows bits to be written on byte boundaries/sizes.

  • Data View -- Add an entry for a V-location and change its type to Signed Decimal. Then use CTRL-ENTER to add the next entry. It displayed the correct V-location but the type was set to Decimal not Signed Decimal. Not only "Signed Decimal" but also "Exponential". This has been fixed.

  • Added support for RD/WT instructions in both DL05 and DL06.

  • Retentive Ranges in DL06 / DL260 -- Changed DL06 and DL260's V-Memory Retentive Range to V400-V37777.

  • DL06 Configure I/O -- Manual I/O Config is not supported in Slot 0. Built-in Input/Output is not configurable (Auto only).

  • XRef View -- Fixed problem that displayed CTA200 for V1200 for DL06 and other PLCs. CTA200 was displayed instead of V1200 in XRef View.

  • XRef View / XRef Database Options.  By DEFAULT the View -> Options -> XRef DB Settings have be altered to:
    1. Enable both System and Unassigned Element Classes.
    2. Disable the Mapped and Global Exclusions.
    3. Enable the Bit, Byte, and Word Element Sizes.

  • Project Names -- Can now create long project filenames for both New Projects and Save As Projects. Previously, New Project filenames were limited to 15 chars.

  • Fixed Import/Export crash -- ACON's operand data type is ASCII, but Parameter 1 (se) is invalid if "se" is a Nickname.

  • Import -- Importing a file with uppercase letters in the filename extension ( e.g. test.TXT ) no longer displays "Unknown file format!"

  • Import Doc -- Fixed problem that caused a Nickname "R1..." to be mistaken for a Real Number.

  • Export Doc -- Fixed lockup on invalid Type/ID in corrupted Element Documentation database. Will now display an error message and stop the process.

  • Export Doc -- Fixed an infinite loop during Export Documentation. Now displays an error message and stops.

  • Stage View -- CTRL+K hotkey and "Comment Editor..." menu command now correctly display the Stage Comment Editor in Stage View / Stage Comment View.

  • Ladder View -- Fixed Ladder Edit Palette's inconsistent display behavior.

  • Title Page Editor -- Can now access the Title Page Editor via the CTRL+T hotkey, or under the Tools Menu, as well as from the Print dialogs.

  • Print Preview -- Fixed problem with displaying Connection Status bar after Print Preview, even though OFFLINE.

  • Print Preview -- Fixed cursor display problem after print preview.

  • (Koyo Version) -- Instruction Browser now correctly includes both LDS and LDSIX instructions.

  • (Koyo Version Only) -- Now supports Koyo elements in the PRINT, VPRINT and LCD instructions.

  • (Koyo Version Only) -- Changed Element Alias name from RGY to RGQ.

  • (Koyo Version Only) -- Changed Scratch Pad Element name from Z to X.

  • HELP System -- Inserted Comm Error Code 352.

  • HELP System -- Added PLC Math Lesson AND Connecting to ECOM over the Internet bitmap.

  • Installation -- Now installs NetEdLib.DLL (Version and HEI32_3.DLL (Version

  • Installation (DSP, DSData) -- Now offers to place a DSLaunch shortcut on the User's Desktop.  No longer displays the Program Folder at the end of the install.

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, LKD) -- No longer installs CTL3D32.DLL.

  • Installation (DSP, ERMwb, CTRIOwb) -- Added informative 'please wait' messages to let User know we're "Launching Setup for CTRIO (ERM) Workbench...", etc.

  • CTRIO Workbench -- Now installs the new xxCTRIO_2_1_2.CEB firmware image files.  No longer installs H2CTRIO_2_0_1.CEB nor H2CTRIO_1_0_1.CEB.

  • ERM Workbench -- Now does a smarter download of ERM Config. First it writes an empty ERM Config (no slave info), resets the module, then writes the complete ERM REAL Config.

  • ERM Workbench -- If you see Error 144, either the drive was not found or has not been initialized.  Ensure the drive is connected and has power, or wait and retry.

What's New in Version 4.0 (Build 18),  9 December 2002

  • Includes ERM Workbench Version 1.1.

  • Includes CTRIO Workbench Version 2.0 -- with firmware image support for T1H-CTRIO and H4-CTRIO, as well as H2-CTRIO.

  • CommServer -- Fixed CommServer crash when IPX not installed

  • CommServer – If PLC type was 260 (or any new unknown PLC), the Link Wizard displayed ‘?????’ – this has been fixed.

  • CommServer – Link Wizard:  ‘Setup module’ now retrieves module names from HEIDB.INI file in \Bin folder.

  • CommServer -- COM3 and COM4 are now DISABLED by default in the DS400.INI file.

  • CommServer -- Added the following to DS400.ini file by default (Commented out by default.  To activate, remove the initial semicolon ; character.

    [Comm Server]
    ;AutoSense=0    (To turn OFF auto sensing of Comm Links during Comm Server startup, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

    ;Dump=1    (To enable a dump of Serial Port debugging information, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

    ;UDPPortNumEnable=1    (To enable display of the UDP Port Number, remove the semicolon ; character from the beginning of this line.)

  • DS400.INI File -- Added support for parameters in [UTILITIES] and [APPLETS] sections in the DS400.INI file using <:> syntax:

    Your Favorite App=0,C:\YourFolder\YourApp.exe<:>parameters

  • This version will support the H0-ECOM, once the module is released.

  • Export Program to Mnemonic Text file now defaults to replacing the existing file instead of appending to an existing file.

  • The Element, Ladder Comment, and Stage Comment Documentation Databases may become corrupted over time due to system/software crashes, power loss, etc. To facilitate recovery, we recommend you utilize the Backup Project feature to help minimize any rework that must be done. What is best is to use the File Export Program to Mnemonic Text feature and back this up also. A future maintenance release of DSP 4.x will automatically export and back up Text file versions of the Program, Element, Ladder Comment, and Stage Comment Documentation databases -- please stay tuned!  For now, please use Backup Project to back up your custom files as described below:

    Backup Project (available in ALL DSP 4.x Builds) – To copy YOUR custom files along with the DirectSOFT32 Project files to the time-stamped Backup folder, edit the <YourProject>.INF file, and add a [MY PROJECT FILES] section with your list of files (be sure to include the full path):

    C:\My Documents\MYSPECS.DOC=1

  • Backup Project (available in ALL DSP 4.x Builds) – To change the default Backup Path, edit the DS400.INI file in your Windows directory:

    BACKUP PATH=C:\DirectSOFT4\Projects\Backup\

  • Backup Project (available in ALL DSP 4.x Builds) – To change the maximum number of Backups to keep (the default is to keep the last 4 backups), edit the DS400.INI file in your Windows directory.  To keep ALL Backups, set MaxBackups=0:


  • Backup Project – A Windows ME Customer had a TRAILING SPACE after their DSP Project Name (MYPROJECT<space>.PRJ).  Windows ME IGNORES the space and created the wrong backup folder name, which caused the Backup to fail, and lost the documentation in the ORIGINAL Project!  Fixed by adding a trailing '$' to any Project Name with a trailing space.

  • Backup Project – Fixed problem that caused backed up files to STAY open while DSP was still running.  Could not delete obsolete Backups because files were still OPEN!

  • Retentive Ranges -- Retentive Ranges and Watchdog Timer have been added to PLC->Copy Config Data To/From PLC/Disk dialogs.  These are now also automatically saved when you do File->Save Project->To Disk or To PLC.

  • Retentive Ranges -- A New Project’s Retentive Ranges on disk are now initialized based on PLC specific defaults.

  • Clear PLC Memory -- Added Bit Memory to Clear PLC Memory dialog.

  • CONFIG I/O -- Removed the dysfunctional Old/New selection from the Configure I/O dialog.

  • DEBUG -- Fixed a Trap Monitor problem.

  • Data View -- Using Save As for the Data View, saves the file to a different name, but it didn't rename the title bar.  This has been fixed.

  • Documentation -- Fixed delete of .ESD/.ESX files on Server Reboot.

  • VPRINT instruction -- Fixed VPRINT instruction problem:  The red light came up only in "start address" if the same V-memory address was set in "start address" and "Number of Byte" and the return key was pushed.  Now the red light comes up in both boxes.

  • AIN and PRINTV instructions -- Now shows correct error messages for the Character code in PRINTV and the Term Code in AIN.

  • Ladder Editor -- Added the ability to turn off the Ladder Palette permanently.

  • PID -- TuneView now ALWAYS displays AutoTune controls, but disables them if AutoTune is NOT supported in the PLC.

  • 05/06 PLC Scantime -- Fixed 05/06 IDC_OVER_COUNTER feature.

  • Setup Secondary Comm Port Dialogs -- Changed Setup Secondary Comm Port timeout strings from being constant times to multipliers times a base - where each protocol provides its own base timeout value.

  • Setup Secondary Comm Port Dialogs now show correct Help files based on PLC type.

  • Memory Editor – Added support for REAL format.

  • Memory Editor -- Fixed problem:  Current Data size is DWORD.   Data size was changed from DWORD to WORD every time Format was changed.

  • Float and printf format changed from 7G to 8G.  Now Real format data synchronizes with the other format data.

  • Numeric Editor – Up/Down buttons on Spin Control no longer behave strangely.

  • Documentation Databases:  DSP still deleted document files (esd, esx) after server rebooted.  Fixed this problem.

  • Documentation Databases:  Fixed bug if DB error would cause client application to EXIT!

  • Import / Export Documentation -- fixed problem in Build 16 where Delete Existing database still flagged conflicts between import and existing DB .

  • PRINT: Fixed default printer selection problem on Windows 2000.

  • Color Setup -- Fixed Default colors button problem.  The Default button didn't take all the colors back to their defaults. 

  • Color Setup -- Added a Monochrome button.  Black text/lines on a white background.  But Status background is black, and Status foreground is white, because one cannot see the Status if it is not 3D tokens.  

  • ToolBar Buttons -- Updated arrow button colors to match ladder edit save/download color status: CYAN = SAVE TO PLC.  LIGHT GREEN = SAVE TO DISK.

  • HELP -- Added PLC Instruction Support chart to Help Menu.

  • HELP System – Updated Help for Setup Secondary Comm Port.

  • Installation -- Some WinXP/2K systems were displaying the "Congrats You Found a New KeyCode!" dialog for DSP Upgrade Customers with full package support - but were NOT saving it to the DSP.LOG file.  This has been fixed.

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, and CD Browser) – Install now prompts DSP/DSData Customers to first remove the KeyCode sticker from the shrink wrap packaging, and place it on the CD jewel case.  (KeyCode stickers for other products are already on the CD jewel cases.)

  • Installation (DSP, DSData, ERMwb, CTRIOwb) -- Fixed UninstallString in Registry. On WinXP/2K systems, was not adding “-cC:\DirectSOFT4\Un***.DLL” to UninstallString command line, so Add/Remove programs and internally launched Uninstalls would result in an incomplete uninstall.  (Uninstall via the Start Menu “Uninstall DirectSOFT32 …” or “Uninstall … Workbench” shortcut has always been reliable.

  • Installation (DSP / DSData Upgrades, ERMwb, CTRIOwb)  Fixed a case sensitivity bug that affects only Customers who have installed DSP or DSData to a custom directory name.  Does NOT affect Customers who install to the recommended default directories:  \DirectSOFT4\, \DirectSOFT32\, or \Dirctsft\.  Fixes DSP / DSData Upgrades that would refuse to install for some Customers.  Also fixes distribution of HAPTools.DLL and DSPLink.DLL for ERM and CTRIO Workbenches.

What's New in Version 4.0 Build 16,  31 July 2002

  • fixed lockup in File -> Program -> Export

  • AEX Instruction now range checks the "Number of Bytes" to K1 - K4 on the "Convert to BCD" operation

  • Fixed several minor inter-parameter range checking issues in the ASCII instructions

  • Fixed persistent WaitCursor problem on Password dialog when connecting to a locked PLC.

  • Install now reminds you to disable any anti-virus software and to insure Administrator privileges before installing on Windows NT4/2000/XP.

What's New in Version 4.0 RC 1,  24 July 2002

  • Added support for new PLCs (250-1, 260 and 06)

  • added support for bit-of-word contacts and coils in 05 PLC.

  • install CTRIO WorkBench, ERM WorkBench, NetEdit, and DBWin32 Logger by default

  • addressed more USB-to-Serial Adapter compatibility issues