Changes implemented in Release 3.0 of DirectSOFT32-Programming

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 80), October 8, 2002

  • Comm Server:  Fixed some lockup issues (deadly embrace) with Communication Server.

  • Comm Server:  Added extra serial port debugging features that are ALWAYS enabled - no need to add Dump=1 to DS300.INI unless this dump does not reveal the problem.

  • Comm Server:  COM3 and COM4 are now disabled by default in DS300.INI.

  • Comm Server:  To disable auto-sensing of Comm Links during Comm Server startup, remove the semi-colon character ' ; ' from the ;AutoSense=0 line in the DS300.INI file in your Windows directory:
    [Comm Server]

  • Comm Server:  To enable the serial port debug dump, remove the semi-colon character ' ; ' from the ;Dump=1 line in the DS300.INI file in your Windows directory:

  • Added GX/GY/VGX/VGY support to 05.

  • Data View:  Fixed crash in Data View monitor Override Bit Status.

  • File Save As:  Fixed file corruption problem when doing Save-As on top of same file.

  • Replaced the "250" PLC string with "250(-1)" since CPU may be a 250 OR a 250-1, but since they both report the same PLC type, DirectSOFT cannot distinguish between the two, so we put the "-1" in parentheses.

  • SR Instruction:  Fixed bug when uploading 05/105/205/350/405 SR instruction that had SR bits going down (e.g. C7 down to C0).

  • FINDB instruction in 05/105/205/350/405 family now supports P types (V-memory Pointers).

  • Comment Editor:  No longer selects text initially as you move from comment to comment, allowing for easier editing.

  • Comment Editor:  Added hot key to OK button, OK, so that user can select OK without having to use the mouse.

  • PID:  Fixed problem in PID Configuration tabbed dialog with more than 8 loops (450 only) – problem was that it would not properly display arrow keys on the tabs.

  • PID:  Added better error handling for Ladder Logic based PID configuration.  DirectSOFT does not allow invalid addresses to be used for PID configuration.  However, a Customer could configure PID via ladder logic with improper values. e.g. attempt to configure 99 loops or place PID tables in System V.  DirectSOFT now monitors the PID configuration error location (V7642) and reports errors appropriately.

  • PID:  As part of normal startup, the PLC may set the PID Ramp Soak step to 255 temporarily, then the PLC resets it correctly to 1.  Since DirectSOFT just monitors the value, sometimes it would display 255, which confused many Customers.  DirectSOFT now range checks the Ramp Soak step to ensure it is between 1 and 16.

  • Added 1 more digit of precision to floating point display.

  • Fixed problem of deleting project files on a server after the server rebooted while still having the project opened in DirectSOFT.  Files are no longer deleted, HOWEVER THE FILES COULD STILL BECOME CORRUPT SINCE REMOTE COMPUTERS SHOULD NEVER BE REBOOTED WITH OPENED FILES ON THEM.

  • Fixed hourglass cursor problem with Password dialog when connecting to a PLC.

  • Added Hotkey text to the tooltips for Cut (CTRL+X), Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V).

  • Fixed problem in PLC->Memory Type when copying program memory to/from a memory cartridge.

  • Fixed problem in PLC->Diagnostics->Scan Time… [Setup] Scan Control – spin buttons now behave correctly.

  • PLC->Diagnostics->System Information… now gets the PLC Type model number from the PLC.  This will help distinguish between a 250 and a 250-1.

  • PRINT:  Fixed problem with default printer selection on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  • Fixed Debug->Trap Monitor… function.  It was reporting improper data values.

  • PRINT:  Fixed problem with printing to Network printers.

  • IMPORT:  Fixed crash in File->Import->Documentation… when importing file with certain errors.

  • Fixed View->Color Setup… [Set Default] colors now works correctly, although it was not broken on some systems.

  • Installation:  Now installs DSPLink.DLL  (Version 1.1 Beta 4.05.02) for use with the CTRIO Workbench.

  • Installation:  (Upgrade Version)  Now reliably creates the DSP.LOG file for Upgrade Customers with full package support.

  • Installation:  Now deletes the redundant DS300.INI file from the DirectSOFT32 install directory.

  • Installation:  Now correctly registers the custom uninstall DLL (UnDSP.DLL) in the Registry on all supported versions of Windows.  Previously, using the 'Add/Remove Programs' utility on Windows 2000/XP to uninstall DirectSOFT did not do a complete uninstall.  (The Uninstall shortcut under the Start Menu has always been reliable).

  • added support for bit-of-word contacts and coils in 05 PLC.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 71), July 16, 2001

  • Includes support for new CTRIO Workbench.

  • More fixes for USB-to-Serial convertors, specifically when used with Windows 2000.

  • Drum Step Preset is BCD, not decimal. This has been fixed.

  • DSLaunch: Now correctly updates glyph on new Communication Link.

  • Import/Export TISOFT now supports TI325, TI330, TI325S and TI330S.

  • Now uses HEI32_3.DLL.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 62), March 13, 2001

  • Now supports USB ports that do not support timeouts at the communication device level. Should now work with most USB to SERIAL CONVERTERS.

  • Now displays a dialog if asynchronous dump is enabled.

  • Importing Tisoft™ and Logicmaster™ programs into DirectSOFT32: Corrected the error that DirectSOFT32 3.0c Build 58 would get when importing the old Tisoft ™ and Logicmaster ™ programs into DirectSOFT32.

  • Status Display of K constants in UDC boxes is again reliable -- AND long term Status Display no longer crashes due to memory leaks.

  • Improved initialization of documentation records as they are saved to disk. This may help to minimize the occasional 'huge-Ladder-Comment-file' problem.

  • Fixed 305(S) Ladder Editor problem:  When changing a DOUT F60 box into a DOUT1 F61 box (using F7 Box Browser), it kept the old F60 parameter and displayed:  DOUT1 F60. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed cosmetic problem in Copy/Move Comments dialog: display of the "Number to Move" spin control no longer exceeds the dialog boundary.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 58), October 24, 2000

  • Display and Status of Relational Contacts no longer draws extraneous lines.

  • Now determines that a 450 PLC supports auto-tune when it also supports 16 bit analog modules and independent data formats between SP/PV & OUTPUT.

  • Search and Replace: Fixed a crash that was introduced in Build 54.

  • Stage View Status: Opening a Project that was previously saved with a Stage View displaying Status would often crash.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 56), September 8, 2000

  • Stage View Status:  When opening a Project that was previously saved with a Stage View displaying online status, it could crash.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 54), September 01, 2000

  • During installation, if the Product Key field is left empty, setup now asks if the User wishes to install the Demo Version.  

  • Fixed CCM write to a BYTE sized bit element (e.g. C0). Previously it misinterpreted the element count as a word count, so actually a DWORD could have up to 32 elements if the base element is a BIT size!!

  • Improved display of Print and Drum Instruction parameters.  

  • Documentation Editor: Now correctly displays and edits the extended ANSI characters used in many European languages.

  • DirectSOFT windows now come to focus as the topmost window on your desktop when they should.  

  • Export S62-P: Program Export filename now defaults to the correct file extension.

  • Export TISOFT: Added ability to Export Programs for use with TISOFT. Enable TISOFT Export by adding the following to the DS300.INI file in your Windows directory:
        [Export Filters]
        Tisoft (*.vpu)=1,tisoft30.dll   

  • SU-6H PLC: DirectSOFT now recognizes that the SU-6H has just one Port. (25 pin. NOT shared with Port 3)

  • Combined Writes now work properly.

  • When verifying a Modem connection in the Link Configuration dialog, we now display a message box to confirm that the connection was successful.

  • Changed max range for the Timeout setting in Ethernet Advanced Settings dialog from 1000ms to 60000ms to better support connections across the Internet.

  • Added support for UDP Port number for future IP services (on WinPLC), and for gateway access of ECOMs whose IP address 7070 port number is mapped via the Gateway's IP and a unique port number.

  • Fixed Ethernet Modem problem: Basically, GetComStat is reporting there are 3 characters in the INPUT buffer, but when we try to read them via ::ReadFile, it behaves as if the I/O is not complete.  Eventually, if we call ::GetOverlappedResult with a wait flag set to TRUE, it completes correctly.  So, adding the following entry to the DS300.INI file in your Windows directory will set the wait flag to TRUE if it failed on FALSE:

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 52), May 25, 2000

  • Enhanced Communications Debug: Now logs Device-Level events to DBWin32 window.

  • TAPI Modems: Now properly displays message strings in modem status dialog.

  • Now preserves [Comm Server] settings in DS300.INI file.

  • PID: Fixed bug introduced in Build 51 - on Output tab we were not checking to see if the analog channel/slot were set when that feature was not supported. Hence, in a 450, it ALWAYS reported that this feature needed to be reset, even though the feature was disabled.

  • PID: Added checking for automatic transfer of PV feature being unavailable and put up warning dialog. Also checked for the PV filter if automatic analog transfer is not available.

  • Modem: when trying to edit a modem connection via the File->New->Online Program... dialog, the modem would try to connect.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 51), May 4, 2000

  • Ladder display of a Multiple Input Box with its top row above the visible client area sometimes caused a GPF in the MFC42 / MSVCRT DLLs when scrolling through Ladders. This was due to a WORD / Integer mismatch issue on Tokens displayed with negative screen coordinates.

  • Ladder now correctly displays the 2nd parameter of 1-row-high 2-parameter boxes (e.g. TMR, SGCNT) when NICKNAME display is ON and ELEMENT display is OFF.

  • Ladder Palette now STAYS turned off, instead of returning when you don't want it to!

  • Fixed non-responsive Contact Browser.

  • Stage View Print and Print Preview now correctly display unconnected Stage elements (e.g. ISGs used to initialize various processes on startup).

  • When invalid PID features are selected, previous versions of DirectSOFT32 just reset the data values, e.g. when separate formats are selected for SP/PV and Output in Offline mode, when downloading it to the PLC, the firmware might not support it, so we reset the selection from separate to common, but the User would not know what or why it changed.  Now, DirectSOFT32 displays a warning message box whenever the User tabs to a sub-dialog that has non-supported features enabled, and lists all of the affected areas.

  • On failure to go to RUN mode, DirectSOFT32 now automatically displays the System Info dialog to report PLC Fatal Errors that are NOT syntax errors (e.g. E099 - Compiled code does not fit.).

  • Whenever a Syntax Check fails, DirectSOFT32 now displays the Output Window with Error Messages in front of all other Windows in the client area.

  • Removed support for adding/modifying Modem configurations from within DirectSOFT32 since these changes were not persistent.  Please us the Windows Control Panel to change Modem configurations. Remember to shutdown and launch DirectSOFT for your Modem changes to take effect within DirectSOFT.

  • Modified DSLaunch startup code to ensure that only a single instance will run.

  • DSLaunch now displays consistent Description and Version information for the Programming, DSData, and Version applications.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 50), Apr 6, 2000

  • Status display of MDRMD and MDRMW instructions now works correctly. Previously DirectSOFT32 would crash after an extended period of Status display on these Drums.

  • Print All did not work with some Printers, and sometimes even caused DirectSOFT32 to crash.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 48), Mar 10, 2000

  • Added ability to install DEMO Version of Product (A) in same directory as FULL Version of Product (B). 

    Benefits:  Both DEMO(A) and FULL(B) show up in DSLaunch.  Encourages Customers to install ALL DirectSOFT32 products to the same directory: C:\DirectSOFT32.  Customers can test drive NEW PRODUCTS in real DirectSOFT32 environment, and they can continue to use same familiar Shortcuts. FULL(A) seamlessly installs over DEMO(A).

    If FULL(A) already exists and Customer tries to install DEMO(A), it will install to NEW default directory for Demos: C:\DSDemo32.  In this case, distinctive Shortcuts will be added to the Start Menu for the separate DEMO Versions.

    Benefits: Existing Customers can test drive Demos of NEW Versions.  Additional DEMO Shortcuts are only added if needed to reference the new directory.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 44), Feb 10, 2000

  • Fixed lock-up when you change the Loop Table Address on an 05 with a PID view active.

  • Help Files:  Update PID Help.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 42), Feb 3, 2000

  • 305 / 305S Instructions that span Ladder memory addresses 1023 -1024 are now correctly read and displayed from the PLC.

  • Fixed Save/Load/Clear System-V problems:
    05 PID loop table address & length in V7640 - V7642
    05 high speed input configuration now includes V7637 along with V7634 - V7636
    over-scan counter (clear only) V7661
    configuration of pointer method for analog transfer V7700 & V7701.

  • Now displays "DSP 3.0c (Build 42)" in DSLaunch and About Box.

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 40), Jan 20, 2000

  • It is now safe to Uninstall DSP without endangering your Font settings in the Registry.

  • |----- DSP.LOG file:  Upgrade ==> FULL DSP Product Password Key -----|
    Customers who install a DSP UPGRADE version overtop of a valid FULL DSP version will automatically receive the Product Password Key for the FULL DSP version.  This Key will enable them to reinstall at any time the FULL Version of DSP in ONE step.  Without the new Key, to reinstall the software, they would have to reinstall their previous version first, and then reinstall the Upgrade Version.  Please encourage UPGRADE Customers to use this new Key the next time they wish to reinstall DSP. They can find it in the DSP.LOG file in their C:\DIRECTSOFT32 directory.

  • Configure I/O now displays proper module id for the DL-05 Memory Cartridge.

  • Configure I/O for the 350 now correctly displays Help Documentation

What's New in Version 3.0c (Build 39), Jan 06, 2000

  • Added DL-05 PID support (up to 4 Loops), independent SP/PV and OUTPUT data formats, and 16-bit unipolar data format.

  • Printer Setup Dialog is now available from within DirectSOFT32 - Programming.

  • DSLaunch window now shows Link status (via color) and device type (via glyphs) in the left tree view.

  • DSLaunch information is now updated when a Project is created or changed.

  • DSLaunch Banner now displays text correctly, without clipping it -- including double-byte characters.

  • Added DirectSOFT32 Splash screen to DSLaunch.

  • Added support for launching various Hardware Setup Tools, as they become available.

  • Data View now displays proper alias names based on PLC type (e.g. V1200 is CTA200 on 450, but is V1200 on 05).

  • Added a "Set Default" button to the Retentive Ranges Dialog to set default ranges.

  • Added intelligent display of PID controls when never supported in the PLC.
    350 / 450 do not support auto-transfer / PLC mode independent of Loop mode, 05 / 250 do.
    350 does not support 16 bit modules / SP, PV, OUT independent data formats, 05 / 250 / 450 do.
    When a control is never available for a PLC, it will be invisible. When a control is sometimes available e.g. due to firmware version, the control will be visible but disabled when not supported.

  • Force On/Off Confirmation dialogs were displaying "Remove Overrides?" instead of "Don't ask again (just do it)!". This has been fixed.

  • Can now Import S-62P files without receiving the error message "Unknown file format!"

  • Export Program Dialog now displays correctly.

  • Repaired a few other harmless, but cosmetically distressing, display bugs: e.g. 3D Dialog controls, centering Grid column headings, etc..

  • Setup now offers selectable collections of Example Files.

  • Setup now asks if it should copy OLD-16-Bit Projects to the NEW 32-Bit Projects directory.

  • Can now install to path names that contain a dot '.' character (e.g. "C:\DSP 3.0\"). No longer reports "Error 1006: Module Load Failure 1157 in module C:\..... T.DLL".

  • Documentation for the 2nd parameter of a 1-input box (e.g. TMR) no longer incorrectly displays on the Power Rail.

  • Increased margins for better display of Documentation within Ladder Boxes.

  • Token Editor Validation Light (Green/Red) now displays correctly.

What's New in Version 3.0b (Build 33), Oct 28,1999

  • Supports the new DL-05 Memory Cartridge (DATE/TIME instructions, CALENDAR function).

  • Added a reminder message to the Replace dialog when replacing Timer/Counter Bits or Accumulators to warn that DSP does not automatically replace the corresponding Accumulator or Bit.

  • Installation no longer depends on the presence of Microsoft DLL's (MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL) in the Windows System directory.

  • Fixed several DBCS (double-byte character set) problems for the Far East language versions.

What's New in Version 3.0a (Build 28), Oct 1999

  • Status Display of Relational Contacts containing K types was unreliable. This has been fixed.

  • Now able to connect to 450 PLC even if memory cartridge is write-protected.

  • Fixed crash when number of PID Loops is 0.

  • Reading System Errors from a 240 PLC no longer displays E9999's after clearing Scratch Pad memory.

  • DSCOMM.CBX -- Changed comm notify to use ::SendMessage to allow better synchronization with LookoutDirect.

  • DSCOMM.CBX -- Added SuspendWrites -- Remote Source and Initialization should work better now.

  • TAPI Modems -- Fixed CommServer lockup when remote modem was shutdown during connection.

  • TAPI Modems -- No longer truncates telephone numbers from ini file that contain commas - default phone number will now retain all info, including pause comma characters.

  • Added Horizontal Scroll Bar to Comm Link Info dialog.

  • Added support for .CBX files to Version utility.  Also added Version info to DSCOMM.CBX.

  • Also includes preliminary support for the new DL-05 Memory Cartridge (DATE/TIME instructions, CALENDAR function).

  • Installing the Upgrade version over a DSP 2.x 105 package now adds support for DL-05.

What's New in Version 3.0(Build 26) (Sep 1999)

  • Added new 305 Only package (PC-PGM-305). Supports all 305 Family PLCs, including the 350.

  • DSLaunch now displays proper list of PLCs for which Programming support is installed.

What's New in Version 3.0 (Build 23), July 1999

  • Version 3.0 is our premiere 32-bit release!

  • PLCDirect is now -- "We're not just PLCs anymore!" :o)

  • Cool new DSLaunch Window!

  • Added new Project Info file type (*.INF). Project Info data is now printed on the Title Page and displayed on the DSLaunch window.

  • Can now Import / Export Documentation from / to .CSV files!

  • New TAPI 1.4 Modem support (recommend you install 2nd modem of same type just for use with DirectSOFT32 products)

  • Added event support to the Comm Server for better CPU utilization. No longer reports 100% CPU Usage.  :o)

  • Added XFer Rate / Sec field to Comm Link Info dialog.

  • Dockable, tear-off Toolbars with ToolTips

  • Can now tile Project Views vertically using the Tile Vertical command under the Window Menu.

  • Ladder Editor Toolbar/Palette now docks on bottom by default

  • Double Instruction fields now accept P37777 (e.g. box).

  • Fixed V range (mapped to S) for 250 (SZ-4M) and PZ3.

  • Can edit the DS300.ini file to change the number of files listed as Most Recently Used (MRU) under the File Menu:
        [DSP Setup]

  • Can edit the DS300.ini file to disable auto-sensing of existing Comm Links during DirectSOFT32 Comm Server startup:
        [Comm Server]

  • Supports all PLCs supported in 16-bit -- including DL05 -- plus TJ-435-AS and PZ-3 for Koyo.

  • Added approximately 170 new Sample Projects under Projects\Examples\Ladder Examples

  • PLUS many more minor feature enhancements and bug fixes too numerous to enumerate!