MB-Gateway Revision History
Boot Loader

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

7.0.64 7.0.1 30 Nov 2020

Fixed a problem that prevented DIP switch 6 from Resetting the IP Configuration.

7.0.52 7.0.1 3 Jun 2020

This is the minimum firmware and boot loader versions required for MB-Gateway with Rev 7A hardware.  Requires the use of NetEdit v3.17e or later.

1.0.684 5.0.53 23 May 2018

Added ability to disable using port 502 for Modbus/TCP and specify a range of alternate port numbers to use for Modbus/TCP. Configuring this option requires the use of NetEdit v3.16 or later.

Fixed a problem that would cause the Gateway to lockup when the Modbus/TCP Request Header contains an incorrect (undersized) Length.  The MB-Gateway would no longer respond to Requests, Pings, or Discovery and the Serial side Automatic polling would stop.  The Gateway required a power-cycle to correct the issue.

1.0.681 5.0.53 3 Nov 2017

When an attempt to access an address that is out of range, the MB-Gateway will now correctly returning the error code for Illegal Data Address (2) instead of the error code for Parity Error (8).

1.0.679 5.0.53 18 Sep 2015

Added ability to read the error count for each of the Automatic Read operations.

1.0.643 5.0.53 25 June 2015

Added ability to log TCP and/or RTU requests the MB-Gateway is processing using the free SMTPViewer utility (download and install it in the \HAPTools folder).

For a table entry, a CRC error will flash the error light and set the Last table error to: MODBUS_ERROR_MEMORY_PARITY_ERROR. For a direct request from a Modbus TCP server, a Modbus RTU parity error will return the error MODBUS_ERROR_MEMORY_PARITY_ERROR to the Modbus TCP server.

1.0.613 5.0.53 2 Mar 2015

Large broadcast packets - where the sender has split the data into multiple packets because there was too much data for a single packet - that required reassembly to make a complete packet, would cause the MB-Gateway to crash. Since the MB-Gateway does not use any broadcast packet that is this large, this problem was fixed by not allowing the TCP/IP stack in the MB-Gateway to reassemble broadcast packets that have been split.

1.0.601 5.0.53 4 May 2011

Initial release. Requires NetEdit3 v3.8 or later for configuration.