EZ-Ethernet  &  EZ-EtherPLUS Revision History
Version Date Applies To: Description
2.0.13 14-Mar-2006 EZ-EthernetPLUS
  • This issue was caused by the way the Modicon NOE handles lost TCP packets. If a TCP packet was lost on transit from the EZ-EtherPLUS to the NOE, the NOE was seeing the retry packet as an OUT-OF-SEQ. The EZ-EtherPLUS card would send multiple MODBUS responses per TCP Packet (at an exponential rate) to try to get the NOE caught up. If the two sides could not agree in time, the MAX Ethernet Frame Size (approximately 1504 bytes) was reached, which would cause the NOE to stop functioning.

2.0.10 20-Jan-2005 EZ-EthernetPLUS
  • Both the EZ-Ethernet and the EZ-EthernetPLUS adapters can now handle broadcast storms and/or networks with a consistently high volume of broadcast traffic.

1.3.4 EZ-Ethernet
2.0.9 22-Jan-2004 EZ-EthernetPLUS
  • Corrected problem where sometimes the EZ-Ethernet adapters would not show up in NetEdit or the EZ-Touch software when scanning for Ethernet devices.
    During the power up phase, we now make sure the Ethernet chip is configured correctly, this makes the handling of broadcast packets more efficient.

  • Added V400 - V777 range for DL06 & D2-260 CPUs.

1.3.3 EZ-Ethernet
2.0.8 09-Sept-2003 EZ-EthernetPLUS
  • Initial release of the EZ-EthernetPLUS firmware. There's also an updated EZEther.DLL, and updated help files.

1.0.2 18-Aug-2003 EZEther.DLL
  • Updated EZEther.DLL to now recognize both the original EZ-Ethernet Adapter card and the new EZ-EthernetPLUS adapter card.

  • Fixed addressing problem when used with Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.

1.3.2 30-May-2003 EZ-Ethernet Firmware
  • Corrected problem where screens requiring multiple tags of the same length but interspersed formats (BCD, UNIT16, SINT16 etc) may fail to display the correct value of one or more tags. This may lead to considerable degradation in system performance.

1.0.1e 18-Feb-2003 EZ-Ethernet
  • Fixes the "Read tag retry count exceeded" error which can occur if the customer has more than one screen in his EZ Touch. If  the screen is changed and some of the entries in the request buffer for the previous screen remain in the buffer the EZ Ethernet is still trying to process them. This version of the firmware, clears the buffer of these "stragglers" so the next screen starts afresh.

1.0.1 24-Oct-2002 EZEther.DLL
  • Allow for ECOM Names greater than 16 characters

1.0.0e 04-Jun-2002 EZ-Ethernet
  • Initial Release

1.0.0 04-Jun-2002 EZEther.DLL
  • Initial Release