H4-ERM100 Firmware Revision History
Boot Loader
Date Only Applies To: Description of Problems / Additions / Changes
4.0.118 5.0.84 24-Apr-2014  

Fixed a problem where the H4-ERM100 would not clear the Slave Error bits when the error condition in the slave was resolved.

4.0.117 5.0.84 11-Nov-2013  

Fixed a problem where the H4-ERM100 would try to process a PRINT command if it was in Debug (test) mode. Doing so would cause sporadic scan times in the H4-ERM100.

4.0.116 5.0.84 01-Jul-2013  

Fixed a problem where the H4-ERM100 was improperly handling an error in normal communications shortly after power-up (about 5-10 seconds).

4.0.82 5.0.84 18-Mar-2013  

Fixed a problem where NetEdit could not update the firmware in the H4-ERM100.

4.0.80 5.0.84 26-Feb-2013   Fixed a problem where full duplex mode was not correctly setup.

Fixed a problem that was wrongly causing some backplane retries.

Fixed a problem in the FPGA code (h/w version 5BB) that caused the H4-ERM100 to drop some packets on networks with high packet volume, which created a large number of retries.

4.0.73 5.0.84 21-Feb-2013  

Initial Release of the H4-ERM100.