T1H-EBC100 Revision History

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

4.0.1441     26-Feb-2019

Verify that the length specified in the Modbus header matches the actual number of bytes in the packet.

4.0.1433     23-May-2018

Added ability to disable using port 502 for Modbus/TCP and specify a range of alternate port numbers to use for Modbus/TCP. Configuring this option requires the use of NetEdit v3.16 or later.

4.0.1432     7-Apr-2017 Fixed a problem that would prevent all but channel 0 of an analog output module from updating after a timeout. The output value of the remaining channels would remain at 0 after communication with the EBC100 was restored.
4.0.1429     3-Feb-2016 Fixed a problem that would prevent all of the channels of an analog output module from updating for a single scan. The proper update would happen on the next scan.
4.0.1409     4-Dec-2014 Added a check for an incomplete packet that would allow ThinknDo to inadvertently put the EBC100 into "Do-more Mode" upon exiting Run mode. In this condition the ERR Led will be ON and you will see a module error '7E' or '807E', or '32894' in App Tracker after running your application.
4.0.1405     31-Mar-2014 Added Hot-Swap error code 153 (0x99) - Module Added to the Modbus mapping. It will appear in the Error Value location (Word 2 of Module Status) for the slot where the module is added.

Change the power-up sequence to make sure all of the I/O modules are properly detected.

4.0.1395     23-Jan-2014 Fixed a problem that prevented some software packages (KEPDirect, ThinknDo, etc. ) from being able to write outputs.  You may see an error code '7E' or '807E', or '32894'.
4.0.1394     16-Oct-2013 If the T1H-EBC100 is being used as an Ethernet I/O Slave device for a Do-more CPU, the Do-more CPU puts the T1H-EBC100 into 'Do-more mode' to assist the Ethernet I/O Master function. In Do-more Mode, the T1H-EBC100 does not respond to NetEdit as it normally would. If the T1H-EBC100 looses its connection to the Do-more CPU, it will drop out of Do-more mode to allow normal interaction with NetEdit.

If the hardware watchdog expires - because the firmware has stopped running - the EBC100 will reboot in an attempt to return to operation and increment the Unknown counter by 10000 (which can be seen with NetEdit).

4.0.1393     20-Aug-2013

Minimum version required for use as an Ethernet I/O Slave for a Do-more CPU (requires Do-more v1.1)

4.0.1338     31-Jan-2012

Changed the way the T1H-EBC100 resolves broadcast addresses so that it is backwards compatible with the T1H-EBC, specifically it looks at the MAC address instead of the IP address to determine if a packet is a broadcast.

The T1H-EBC100 will now force all analog channels to be reread after clearing slot errors.

Fixed a problem where the T1H-EBC100 could not properly handle a broadcast packet that is larger than 1536 bytes.

4.0.1327     12-Jan-2010

The T1H-EBC100 now splits out the Ethernet errors (as seen from NetEdit) as follows:

  • Missed Fr - A count of the packets missed due to overruns, unavailable buffers or a disabled receiver.

  • TX Coll - A count of the packets which had a late collision while being received.

  • Lost Pkts - A count of the packets discarded because they were too long or too short.

  • Bad Pkts - A count of the packets which have bad CRC’s

  • Unknown - A count of the packets which contain invalid symbols, extra bits or resulted in a receiver overrun condition.

  • TX Errors - A count of the packets which could not be sent because the transmitter was unavailable for an extended period of time.

4.0.1326     4-Jun-2008 Added ability to make the HTML configuration page Read-Only. (Requires NetEdit 3.7c or later)

Added ability to force the Ethernet connection into 10Mb mode only. (Requires NetEdit 3.7c or later)

4.0.1325     23-Apr-2008 Fixed a problem which could cause the T1H-EBC100 to crash (RED ERR LED) if it is being used as a Modbus/TCP slave with multiple Modbus/TCP connections. If those connections are interrupted for more than 20 seconds - like if the cable were unplugged, or if the radio modem lost it's connection - the T1H-EBC100 begins the process of closing these timed-out connections so that new connections can be established. The problem was in the code that closes the connections and cleans up the memory the connections use.
4.0.1324     23-May-2007 Corrected an error in Module Status when reported via Modbus TCP/IP.
4.0.1322     21-Feb-2007 The following changes were made to the T1H-EBC100 firmware to address potential configuration problems when trying to configure the T1H-EBC100 under Windows Vista operating system. The problem we have is that MS Vista does not have built-in support for IPX protocol, so we must be able to locate and configure our devices using only TCP/IP protocol.
  • If the T1H-EBC100 is configured to 'obtain an IP address automatically' and no DHCP server is available to provide an IP address, NetEdit could not connect to the device. We fixed this by temporarily setting the IP address to when the T1H-EBC100 is looking for a DHCP server.
  • Excluded the following addresses from being used in the IP Address field:
    224.x.x.x through 255.x.x.x (Multi-cast range)
    x.x.x.255 &
  • Added a Recovery-mode option. If the T1H-EBC100 is powered up with DIP switch 0 ON, the TCP/IP addressing information (IP Address, Subnet Mask & Gateway Address) fields are reset to The Module Good and Error LEDs blink so that you can visually recognize this mode. You can use NetEdit to configure the IP addressing information while the T1H-EBC100 is in this mode, but you cannot access the I/O in this mode.
4.0.1315     24-Aug-2006 Corrected issue with T1H-EBC100 that caused it to crash - the red ERR LED would come ON - if certain system functions like 'set the IP address' or 'set Module ID' were sent to the module via a broadcast packet.

Details: If the T1H-EBC100 receives a network broadcast packet that contains a request to perform a device management function like set the IP Address, set the Module ID, etc., the T1H-EBC100 will not process the request. These device management functions must be sent to theT1H-EBC100 in a point-to-point packet or in a directed broadcast packet.
4.0.1314     25-Jul-2006 Updated the TCP/IP stack code to v1.1.1

Enhanced the garbage collection of "abandoned" packets to prevent the T1H-EBC100 from running out of available TCP/IP connections. Abandoned packets are typically a byproduct of using Ethernet radio modems, which tend to produce out-of-order packets whenever they get transmission errors.
4.0.1313     21-Feb-2006 Fixed a problem where you could not use Modbus/TCP protocol to configure the outputs for the combination analog output modules (T1F-8AD4DA-1, T1F-8AD4DA-2).
    PWB= 6E
CPU= 1.1.4
20-Feb-2006 Fixed a problem that prevented 16pt Discrete I/O modules from being logged into the system correctly.

The most common symptom of this problem occurred if you had a 16pt Discrete Input module followed by a 16pt Discrete Output module. The T1H-EBC100 would show both of these modules logged into the same slot with a module ID of 13.

The fix for this problem cannot be applied in the field, you must return the T1H-EBC100 to have the unit serviced.

There are two options available to have the T1H-EBC100 fixed:

1. If you purchased the unit less than 30 days ago, you can return it to Automationdirect.com through their normal RMA processing system for a replacement.

2. If you purchased the unit more than 30 days ago, you can contact us here at Host Engineering via email for instructions on how to ship the unit directly to us for repair. Send the email inquiry to

NOTE: This fix is for a very specific hardware related issue. Use the "Show Base Contents" option in NetEdit v3 to verify that adjacent 16pt Discrete I/O modules are showing up in the same slot with the Module ID of 13 before you contact us for a replacement or to have the unit repaired.
4.0.1312     24-Jan-2006 Additional work in the TCP/IP stack so that it could correctly handle Modbus/TCP requests that come in very close together.
4.0.1311     13-Jan-2006 Fixed a problem in the TCP/IP stack so that it could correctly handle Modbus/TCP requests that come in very close together.
4.0.1310     14-Dec-2005 Updated the internal TCP/IP stack.
4.0.1309     10-Nov-2005 If read requests for the I/O Module Status data are not on the 20-word boundaries, you get erroneous data. (see page 4-8 in the T1H-EBC User Manual).

When using Modbus/TCP,  if the T1H-EBC100 receives additional read or write requests from the same client before it has a chance to respond to the first request, then those intervening requests could be ignored.
    PWB= 6D
CPU= 1.1.3
10-Nov-2005 Changed transformer to prevent a potential slow power-up issue.
This fix cannot be applied in the field, you must return the T1H-EBC100 for a replacement module.
    PWB= 6C
25-May-2005 Fixed a problem that prevented the T1H-CTRIO module from being logged into the system correctly.
Note:This fix cannot be applied in the field, you must return the T1H-EBC100 for a replacement module.
4.0.1294     14-Jan-2005 For Modbus/TCP connections, we increased the Idle Connection Timeout value from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. This value determines how frequently the Modbus/TCP master has to access the EBC100 to keep the socket connection open.
4.0.1288 4.0.165   11-Nov-2004 The Modbus/RTU ID (over the serial port) is now set to the Module ID, which is set by the DIP switches or by NetEdit 3.

Fixed a problem with outputs not getting updated. Any output modules after the first analog output module were not getting updated. This is only a problem with Modbus/TCP protocol.

Added the ability to access the Modbus Input Registers through the Modbus Holding Register memory by having the T1H-EBC100 mirror the 30001 range data into the 40001 range.

Some changes were made to the common boot loader that do not affect the T1H-EBC100.
4.0.1260 4.0.141   10-Aug-2004 Initial Release of the T1H-EBC100