(Last Update: 05-Mar-2012, SERIO FAQ0006)

SERIO FAQ0001 (see also EBC FAQ0028; WinPLC FAQ0012)
Q: Are there slot restrictions for the SERIO module?
A: There is no slot restriction for the H2-SERIO module.

Q: Can the SERIO module be set for 2 Stop bits?
A: No. The SERIO module only has the capability for 1 Stop bit and 1 Start bit.

SERIO FAQ0003 (see also WinPLC FAQ0035)
Q: What is the size of the communication buffer for the H2-SERIO and how do I send long strings of data with WinPLC CE-only version?
A: The communication buffer for each port of the H2-SERIO is 16 bytes long. However, means are provided in the WinPLC SDK functions to write long strings of data through this size buffer. You send the long string and then the buffer will communicate back how many bytes were sent. Based on this number you can reset your pointer in your string and send again. In this manner long strings of data can be sent. Of course, at higher baud rates the number of bytes that get sent each time will be much larger.

SERIO FAQ0004 (see also CTRIO FAQ0045; DirectSOFT FAQ0132; DL Plus FAQ0010; DNLoader FAQ0011; DS Data FAQ0102; EBC FAQ0083; ECOM FAQ0084; EDRV FAQ0084; ERM FAQ0058; EZ Ethernet FAQ0010; General FAQ0004; HA-TADP FAQ0008; Lookout Direct FAQ0015; NetEdit FAQ0037; PBC FAQ0014; PSCM FAQ0003; SDK FAQ0022; WinPLC FAQ0038)
Q: What is the export classification of your products (e.g. ECCN)
A: None of our products have an ECCN. Automation Direct sells our products and they export EAR99 NLR (No License Required). ECCN is Export Controlled Classification Number and none of our products are controlled.

SERIO FAQ0005 (see also WinPLC FAQ0039)
Q: How does the WinPLC SDK see the H2-SERIO?
A: The WinPLC (and WinPLC SDK) will treat each of the 3 ports on the H2-SERIO exactly the same as it does the onboard serial port and it can support 3 H2-SERIO modules. The onboard serial port is COM1 so the subsequent COM ports on 3 more H2-SERIOs would be:

1st H2-SERIO: COM2, COM3, COM4
2nd H2-SERIO: COM5, COM6, COM7
3rd H2-SERIO: COM8, COM9, COM0

This gives you a total of 10 serial ports possible.

SERIO FAQ0006 (see also WinPLC FAQ0040)
Q: The H2-SERIO nor the H2-SERIO-4 communicates when installed with an H2-WPLC3?
A: This is a PLD (firmware) issue with the H2-SERIO and H2-SERIO-4. In order to fix this issue the H2-SERIO or H2-SERIO-4 must be sent back to Host Engineering to be upgraded (free of charge). The version of hardware that works is:

H2-SERIO-4 Rev 5CA

Contact to have yours upgraded if you encounter this problem.