(Last Update: 14-Mar-2012, MB-GATEWAY FAQ0002)

MB-GATEWAY FAQ0001 (similar to EBC FAQ0087, ECOM FAQ0115, EDRV FAQ0030)
Q: How many Modbus TCP masters/clients can the MB-GATEWAY support?
A:  Twelve (12) simultaneous TCP connections are maintained. If a 13th master/client attempts to communicate, then the MB-GATEWAY will reset (RST) the oldest TCP connection (i.e. close one master/client's TCP connection).

Q: How can the MB-GATEWAY be recovered if its IP address and/or Ethernet settings make it disappear from NetEdit?
A:  There are two ways to get this back:
This will cause it to reset all network settings to factory default and flash Status and Error lights. In this mode it should be visible in NetEdit again where you can fix the Ethernet settings, but it will not function properly. So after fixing the settings, repeat the above steps flipping Dip Switch #6 OFF in step (2).