(Last Update: 31-Dec-2009, HA-TADP FAQ0008)

HA-TADP FAQ0001 (see also EBC FAQ0015; EDRIVE FAQ0001; ECOM FAQ0008; ERM FAQ0009; WinPLC FAQ0004; EZ Ethernet FAQ0011)
Q: Can the MAC address be changed?
A: The MAC address is burned into the ROM of the device and is set just before it leaves the factory. There is no logical way for any protocol to change this address. Host Engineering’s range for Ethernet MAC addresses is 00.E0.62.xx.xx.xx.

However, there was a bug with the old Ether32.EXE program that could change the MAC Address! If you use Ether32.EXE to update the booter using TCP/IP protocol (i.e. use the "/pi" option on the command line), then the MAC Address could be changed by accident!

HA-TADP FAQ0002 (see also ECOM FAQ0042; DirectSOFT FAQ0048; DL Plus FAQ0009; DNLoader FAQ0010; DSData FAQ0005; EZ Ethernet FAQ0008; Lookout Direct FAQ0014; NetEdit FAQ0005; SDK FAQ0020)
Q: Why doesn't the ECOM use subnet mask or gateway address like the ECOM100?
A: Since the ECOM doesn't do "master"-type communications, it doesn't use the subnet mask or gateway address. Whatever talks to the ECOM will be using IPX or UDP/IP, and the ECOM simply swaps the destination and source addresses in the telegram and responds in this way, not "caring" about the subnet or gateway. However, the ECOM100 acts more like a conventional TCP/IP device. The ECOM100 has the capability to be a master and has a full-blown TCP stack inside. Thus, if it is to transmit to an IP address not on its subnet, it will, of course, transmit to its configured gateway address instead.

HA-TADP FAQ0003 (see also ECOM FAQ0029)
Q: What PC Ethernet card comes with the H2-ECOM-START starter kit?
A: It comes with our PCI Ethernet card HA-TADP.

Q: Getting "Error reading configuration values from device." Does the fiber connection work on the HA-FTADP with Win2K?
A: Yes, but you may have to force the driver to use the AUI port to get it working. An obvious symptom of the problem is seeing both the TLINK (10Base-T Link Good) and the FLINK (Fiber Link Good) lights ON at the same time with only the fiber optic cable connected. Follow these instructions to force the driver to use the AUI port:

  1. Right-click Network Neighborhood.
  2. Right-click Local Area Connection.
  3. Press the <Configure> button.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Under the Property: group, select Full Duplex.
  6. Under the Value: drop-down list, select AUI - Full Duplex.
  7. Save the changes.

After applying these changes, the FLINK light should be ON and the TLINK light should be OFF.

HA-TADP FAQ0005 (see also EBC FAQ0061; ECOM FAQ0052; EDRIVE FAQ0015; ERM FAQ0042; EZ Ethernet FAQ0029; WinPLC FAQ0028)
Q: Do any of your Ethernet devices support the next generation of Internet (IPv6)?
A:  No; nor do we have any plans to implement it at this time.

HA-TADP FAQ0006 (see also EBC FAQ0069; ECOM FAQ0055; EDRIVE FAQ0018; ERM FAQ0044; EZ Ethernet FAQ0030; WinPLC FAQ0032)
Q: What types of Ethernet framing do your Ethernet products support?
A: All our Ethernet products (ECOM, ECOM100, EBC, EBC100, EDRV, ERM, EZ Ethernet, EZ EtherPLUS, HA-TADP and WinPLC) all support the following types of Ethernet framing:

HA-TADP FAQ0007 (see also EBC FAQ0070; ECOM FAQ0061; EDRIVE FAQ0019; ERM FAQ0045; EZ Ethernet FAQ0031; WinPLC FAQ0033)
Q: Are the Host Engineering Ethernet products compliant to AS ISO 15745?
A: No.

HA-TADP FAQ0008 (see also CTRIO FAQ0045; DirectSOFT FAQ0132; DL Plus FAQ0010; DNLoader FAQ0011; DS Data FAQ0102; EBC FAQ0083; ECOM FAQ0084; EDRV FAQ0084; ERM FAQ0058; EZ Ethernet FAQ0010; General FAQ0004; Lookout Direct FAQ0015; NetEdit FAQ0037; PBC FAQ0014; PSCM FAQ0003; SDK FAQ0022; SERIO FAQ0004; WinPLC FAQ0038)
Q: What is the export classification of your products (e.g. ECCN)
A: None of our products have an ECCN. Automation Direct sells our products and they export EAR99 NLR (No License Required). ECCN is Export Controlled Classification Number and none of our products are controlled.