DL Plus FAQs
(Last Update: 31-Dec-2009, DL Plus FAQ0010)

DL Plus FAQ0001 (see also EBC FAQ0008)
Q: Can DL Plus software talk directly to EBCs?
A: DL Plus only allows Lookout to talk directly to ECOMs. However, since Lookout has an OPC Client, it could talk directly to KEPDirect EBC I/O Server software which talks directly to EBCs.

DL Plus FAQ0002 (see also DirectSOFT FAQ0134)
Q: DL Plus v3.0 installed on PC; loaded DirectSOFT v4.0. Now when clicking on DL Plus object to add it, then Lookout (NI v3) crashes.
A: Cannot run DirectSOFT v4.0 and DL Plus v3.0 simultaneously. They use two different CommServers and this will cause a conflict.

DL Plus FAQ0003 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0006; DirectSOFT FAQ0135)
Q: My DL Plus and Lookout Direct do not support the DL06, DL250-1 nor the DL260 CPUs. If, however, I install DirectSOFT v4.0 (which supports these CPUs) will my DL Plus and Lookout Direct now be able to talk to them?
A: Here are the general "rules:"


DL Plus FAQ0004 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0007)
Q: The DL Plus drivers will not show up; or gettting "CBX file missing."
A: A .CBX file is a driver for Lookout. DL Plus installs one called DSCOMM.CBX or DSCOMM4.CBX. Try this:

  1. Close Lookout.
  2. Search for and delete the LOOKOUT.DAT file. This file contains a list of all .CBX drivers for Lookout. But if Lookout starts without this file, then it goes out looking for all the .CBX files and then rebuilds the LOOKOUT.DAT file.
  3. Restart Lookout.

DL Plus FAQ0005 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0009)
Q: When DL Plus installs, what changes/additions does it make to NI Lookout?
A: DL Plus adds the following:

(1)  CommServer - This adds the ability to communicate with DL PLCs.
(2)  ElementServer - This adds the ability to understand the element types of the DL PLCs.
(3)  DSCOMM*.CBX driver objects.
(4)  METER*.CBX objects.
(5)  Some additional Industrial Graphics

DL Plus FAQ0006 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0011)
Q: Will DL Plus work in NI Lookout v6.0?
A: DL Plus was written as a driver for NI Lookout v4.5, so this is unknown. National Instruments may be able to tell you for sure. But we have had customers upgrade their NI Lookout to v6.02 and this seems to fix problems with DL Plus driver.

DL Plus FAQ0007 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0012)
Q: Will the newer USB key that comes with Lookout Direct work the same as the older parallel-port hardware key?
A: Yes. The older parallel-port hardware keys are being phased-out in favor of the newer USB keys, and the newer keys are functionally equivalent to the old parallel-port ones.

DL Plus FAQ0008 (see also Lookout Direct FAQ0013; DirectSOFT FAQ0220)
Q: Trying to run LookoutDirect, DirectSOFT and DL-Plus, and getting "Hostxx.DLL could not be found" error.
A: This is probably due to incompatible CommServer (Csmain.EXE) versions and Hostxx.DLL versions. The Hostxx.DLL is our extension of Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFCxx.DLL) and is used by most of our software products. Hostxx.DLL is located in the DirectSOFTxx\Bin folder and is shared by DirectSOFT programming, LookoutDirect and DL-Plus.

When any of the above applications are started, they load their version of the CommServer (Csmain.EXE). If another of the above applications is then started, it does not reload its version of the CommServer, but tries to use the one already running. This could result in incompatibilities if caution is not taken as to the order in which the applications are started up. In other words, if you run an app that uses an earlier version of Csmain.EXE, and then load one that uses a later version of Csmain.EXE, the latter app may try to use more advanced functions that the former Csmain.EXE cannot perform.

Thus if you are going to run multiple versions, you should run the latest one first.

Furthermore, the latest versions of DL-Plus and LookoutDirect can be downloaded from our website and you can use your older v4.x keycode to install them.

DL Plus FAQ0009 (see also ECOM FAQ0042; DirectSOFT FAQ0048; DNLoader FAQ0010; DSData FAQ0005; EZ Ethernet FAQ0008; HA-TADP FAQ0002; Lookout Direct FAQ0014; NetEdit FAQ0005; SDK FAQ0020)
Q: Why doesn't the ECOM use subnet mask or gateway address like the ECOM100?
A: Since the ECOM doesn't do "master"-type communications, it doesn't use the subnet mask or gateway address. Whatever talks to the ECOM will be using IPX or UDP/IP, and the ECOM simply swaps the destination and source addresses in the telegram and responds in this way, not "caring" about the subnet or gateway. However, the ECOM100 acts more like a conventional TCP/IP device. The ECOM100 has the capability to be a master and has a full-blown TCP stack inside. Thus, if it is to transmit to an IP address not on its subnet, it will, of course, transmit to its configured gateway address instead.

DL Plus FAQ0010 (see also CTRIO FAQ0045; DirectSOFT FAQ0132; DNLoader FAQ0011; DS Data FAQ0102; EBC FAQ0083; ECOM FAQ0084; EDRV FAQ0084; ERM FAQ0058; EZ Ethernet FAQ0010; General FAQ0004; HA-TADP FAQ0008; Lookout Direct FAQ0015; NetEdit FAQ0037; PBC FAQ0014; PSCM FAQ0003; SDK FAQ0022; SERIO FAQ0004; WinPLC FAQ0038)
Q: What is the export classification of your products (e.g. ECCN)
A: None of our products have an ECCN. Automation Direct sells our products and they export EAR99 NLR (No License Required). ECCN is Export Controlled Classification Number and none of our products are controlled.