Bug Report Updated: 09/23/2015

If you want to report an undesired anomaly ( AKA bug) in one of our products, please send us the details.

We have installed anti-spam software on our email server. If you are having trouble using any of the forms on our web site that send us email, please send a fax to 423-913-3287 and we'll figure out what's wrong. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Click the following hyperlink to send an email with the required information to Support@hosteng.com:

Your name.

Your Company name.

The Email address to respond to.

The product and version of that product.

The operating system you are running under.

A short description of the problem.

If the problem is reproducible, list the steps required to do so.

If you are receiving an error message or an error code, list those as well.