BX-DM1/E -10, -18, -36, -M  Firmware Revision History
.GA File Version
(boot loader)
.OS File Version
Release Date

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

1.0.3 2.2.1 10-Apr-2018

Added Fixed a problem that would prevent a project that included a BACKUP - System Backup instruction from downloading to a BRX CPU.

1.0.2 2.1.0 20-Sept-2017 Added support for the following analog I/O modules:
    BX-08AD-1 : 8 Channel Current Input
    BX-08DA-1 : 8 Channel Current Output
    BX-08AD-2B : 8 Channel Voltage Input
    BX-08DA-2B : 8 Channel Voltage Output
    BX-04THM : 4 Channel Thermocouple Input

Added the following instructions:
    BACKUP - Create PLC Image File
    COPY - Copy Data
    DEBOUNCE - Reduce Discrete Input Chatter
    FLASHER - Cycle Output On / Off
    TIMEDOUT - Timed Output

Can now use the micro-SD card to backup and load projects using Create PLC Image (BACKUP) instruction and / or Do-more Designer utility.

See Updates.PDF for a complete list of the changes.

  2.0.4 26-May-2017 Fixed an error in the EMAIL instruction which was incorrectly handling semicolons in the "To:" field.

Changed Axis Jog  (AXJOG) so that inadvertent writes to the Axis' .TargetVelocity would not affect the Jog operation.

Fixed a problem where sometimes a communication failure would abort the download of the system configuration.

Fixed a problem that would prevent the CPU from going into Debug mode if an Interrupt Service Routine is running.

1.0.1 2.0.3 26-Apr-2017 Added support for ECOMLT POM so that it can operate as Modbus/TCP server, K-Sequence server, DirectNET server, or peer-to-peer with an ECOM. Requires ECOMLT firmware version 4.0.145 or later which is available through Live Update in NetEdit.

Adds noise filtering to the on-board serial port.

  2.0.2 22-Feb-2017 Fixed problem that could cause spurious interruption of the pulse train in the Axis following modes (AXGEAR, AXFOLLOW, AXCAM).

Fixed a problem in the module discovery that could cause a Fatal error during a project download.

Fixed a problem in the symbolic driver that could wrongly NAK good communication requests.

Fixed a problem in the serial communication driver that would cause it to become unresponsive if the PLC is generating a lot of interrupts.

  2.0.1 20-Feb-2017 AXGEAR (Axis Electronic Gearing) renormalizes each time the gear ratio changes.

Set a proper minimum Input Filter value for 24V AC / DC inputs on the BX-DM1x-10 units.

1.0.0 2.0.0 2-Feb-2017 Initial Release