H2-DM1 and H2-DM1E Firmware Revision History
GA Version OS Version Date

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

  2.0.2 22-Feb-2017 Fixed problem that could cause spurious interruption of the pulse train in the Axis following modes (AXGEAR, AXFOLLOW, AXCAM).

Fixed a problem in the module discovery that could cause a Fatal error during a project download.

Fixed a problem in the symbolic driver that could wrongly NAK good communication requests.

Fixed a problem in the serial communication driver that would cause it to become unresponsive if the PLC is generating a lot of interrupts.

  2.0.1 20-Feb-2017 AXGEAR (Axis Electronic Gearing) renormalizes each time the gear ratio changes.

Set a proper minimum Input Filter value for 24V AC / DC inputs on the BX-DM1x-10 units.

1.0.0 2.0.0 2-Feb-2017 Initial Release