BX-DM1/E -10, -18, -36, -M  Firmware Revision History
.GA File Version
(boot loader)
.OS File Version
Release Date

Description of Problems / Additions / Changes

  2.3.2 30 Aug 2018

Fixed a problem that caused the BX-04ADM-1 and BX-06RTD to not work properly in a BX-DMIO or BX-EBC100 when being controlled by the Ethernet I/O Master.

Fixed a problem in the BX-DM1E-M where the I/O System View was reporting the wrong slot number for I/O module errors.

Fixed a problem that prevented analog and temperature inputs from always reporting broken transmitter errors. Now any time a current or temperature input is enabled and there is no probe attached, the associated X bit will be ON and a Warning (in yellow) will appear on the Status bar.

Fixed a problem when a BRX CPU is configured as a multi-drop Modbus Slave that caused excessive retrys.

Fixed a problem that caused Axis Home Search (AXHOME) to not complete properly in firmware version 2.3.1.

Fixed a problem where the filter coefficient was not always applied properly in the Filter instruction.

  2.3.1 13 Jun 2018

Fixed a problem that caused Axis Home Search (AXHOME) and Axis Velocity Mode (AXVEL) to not work properly in firmware version 2.3.0.

Improved error reporting in EMAIL when any of the To, Cc, or Bcc addresses are invalid.

  2.3.0 31 May 2018

Added support for BX-DMIO and BX-EBC100 as Ethernet Remote I/O Slaves. Also added BX-MBIO - Modbus TCP / RTU Slave.
Added support for the following analog I/O modules:
BX-04AD-1 : 4 Channel Current Input
BX-04ADM-1 : 4 Channel Current Input (medium resolution)
BX-04DA-1 : 4 Channel Current Output
BX-04AD-2B : 4 Channel Voltage Input
BX-04DA-2B : 4 Channel Voltage Output
BX-08THM : 8 Channel Thermocouple Input
BX-06RTD : 6 Channel RTD Input
BX-08NTC : 8 Channel Thermistor Input (negative temperature coefficient)

Added support for the following discrete I/O modules:
BX-08SIM : 8 Point Simulator
BX-32ND3 : 32 Point 12-24VDC Sink / Source Input
BX-32TD1 : 32 Point 12-24VDC Sink Output
BX-32TD2 : 32 Point 12-24VDC Source Output

Added MQTT Broker Device (IoT) which allows BRX PLCs with on-board Ethernet Ports can connect to one or more MQTT Brokers. Once connected, these PLCs can publish messages to the Brokers and subscribe to messages from the Brokers.

Added the following instructions:
MQTTPUB - IoT Publish MQTT Topics
MQTTSUB - IoT Subscribe to MQTT Topic

1.0.3 2.2.1 10 Apr 2018

Added Fixed a problem that would prevent a project that included a BACKUP - System Backup instruction from downloading to a BRX CPU.

1.0.2 2.1.0 20 Sept 2017 Added support for the following analog I/O modules:
    BX-08AD-1 : 8 Channel Current Input
    BX-08DA-1 : 8 Channel Current Output
    BX-08AD-2B : 8 Channel Voltage Input
    BX-08DA-2B : 8 Channel Voltage Output
    BX-04THM : 4 Channel Thermocouple Input

Added the following instructions:
    BACKUP - Create PLC Image File
    COPY - Copy Data
    DEBOUNCE - Reduce Discrete Input Chatter
    FLASHER - Cycle Output On / Off
    TIMEDOUT - Timed Output

Can now use the micro-SD card to backup and load projects using Create PLC Image (BACKUP) instruction and / or Do-more Designer utility.

See Updates.PDF for a complete list of the changes.

  2.0.4 26-May-2017 Fixed an error in the EMAIL instruction which was incorrectly handling semicolons in the "To:" field.

Changed Axis Jog  (AXJOG) so that inadvertent writes to the Axis' .TargetVelocity would not affect the Jog operation.

Fixed a problem where sometimes a communication failure would abort the download of the system configuration.

Fixed a problem that would prevent the CPU from going into Debug mode if an Interrupt Service Routine is running.

1.0.1 2.0.3 26 Apr 2017 Added support for ECOMLT POM so that it can operate as Modbus/TCP server, K-Sequence server, DirectNET server, or peer-to-peer with an ECOM. Requires ECOMLT firmware version 4.0.145 or later which is available through Live Update in NetEdit.

Adds noise filtering to the on-board serial port.

  2.0.2 22 Feb 2017 Fixed problem that could cause spurious interruption of the pulse train in the Axis following modes (AXGEAR, AXFOLLOW, AXCAM).

Fixed a problem in the module discovery that could cause a Fatal error during a project download.

Fixed a problem in the symbolic driver that could wrongly NAK good communication requests.

Fixed a problem in the serial communication driver that would cause it to become unresponsive if the PLC is generating a lot of interrupts.

  2.0.1 20 Feb 2017 AXGEAR (Axis Electronic Gearing) renormalizes each time the gear ratio changes.

Set a proper minimum Input Filter value for 24V AC / DC inputs on the BX-DM1x-10 units.

1.0.0 2.0.0 2 Feb 2017 Initial Release